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10 Best Places to Visit in Poland
8 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Places to Visit in Poland

A country located in central Europe, Poland, was destroyed, and people there lived a tough life during the World Wars. However, now it has maintained itself to reach all the needs of the tourists visiting the place. It has marked itself as the 17th safest country among the 162 countries.

In Poland, you can roam around several landmarks like the castles, historic places, and the museums. Also, Poland is one of the most affordable countries to visit in European union. 

The destination is warm and vibrant, and you will love to travel more, even though you are low on budgets.

Poland is the most beautiful and modern city with lots of charming and relaxed places to see.

One of them is the Palace of Culture and Science, which is both beautiful and the tallest building in the country. So if you are still wondering what's exciting in Poland, let me talk about the 10 best places to visit that will help you decide if you want to travel along Poland or not.

1. Krakow

Source: National Geographic

Krakow can be described as from rags to riches as it has gone from being the 7th-century village to the 2nd most important city in Poland. It is known for its cultural, artistic, academic, and economic activities.

Located on the Vistula River, Krakow is easy to roam around as attractions radiate out from the old town. It is considered the best town in the country.

You can take a half-day trip from Krakow to Wieliczka to watch the salt mines, which is actually a guided tour but so well organized and one of the best things to do in Krakow.

If you are a sports lover, then you can even hike, swim or dive in Zakrzówek lake and make sure you eat the yummy polish food.

The best time to visit Krakow is July to august also it is jam-packed during this time.

2. Warsaw

Source: Tripsavvy

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, was made around the 12th century and can be compared to a phoenix rising from ashes. The way this city will present you its thriving historical and cultural center along with the beautiful old city, you can never tell that it was destroyed during World War II.

Once known as the "Paris of the north," Warsaw is even famous for the home of classical composer Fryderyk Chopin. Warsaw won't judge you by age. Any aged person ca enjoy the Copernicus science center where hands-on activities abound.

You can visit Warsaw in June and August.

3. Gdansk

Source: Earth Trekker

Also known as Danzig, Gdansk is the largest city in northern Poland and the main seaport as it lies on the baltic sea. This place was also destroyed during the world war though it has maintained itself as a tourist center and amongst the most beautiful places to visit in Poland.

Gdansk is also home to st.mary church, the largest brick church in the world. July and August are the best time for visiting Gdansk, but this is a peak time for tourists. The hotels are usually booked, so prebook your hotel if you are about to travel Gdansk.

4. Wroclaw

Source: Vouge

Amongst the largest city in western Poland, Wroclaw is situated in the Oder river has been governed by different nations over the century; however, it is now part of Poland since 1945.

The main attractions of Wroclaw are the market square and the impressive Old Town Hall, St, Elizabeth’s Church with its observation deck overlooking the city, and the largest zoo in Poland. Sailing on the Oder River is a relaxing way to get a feel for this medieval city.

The best time here is from May until September when there are pleasant temperatures and limited rainfall.

5. Poznan

Source: Poland.travel

Mostly student travelers came here who wanted to meed their polish peers come to Poznan, which is known as the academic center and the home to Poland's 3rd largest university.

This city hosts a lot of international festivals, including the malta international theatre festival, which takes place every year in summer.

Poznan is a city where travelers can easily access the most beautiful places like the artificial lake of Malta, home to the ski slope, an ice rink, and swimming pools.

Poznan can be visited for the best weather in May, June, July, August, and September.

6. Tatra National Park

Source: Windows spotlight Images

Situated in southcentral Poland, the Tatra National Park was made in1954 and is the best place for those travelers who crave scenic beauty. There are mountains, meadows, and numerous rocks covering the Tatra mountains.

People can enjoy six of the park's 650 caves that are open for the public along with 30 alpine lakes and Wielka Siklawa waterfall this place offers.

The best time to hunt the Tarta National Park is from mid-June through September when its best for a hike as its the most traveled hiking destination in Poland.

7. Torun

Source: The Crazy Tourist

Located in the Vistula river, Torun is well known as the birthplace of Copernicus. It is also known for the old market place and gothic town hall that has been put in the list of 30 most beautiful places to visit in the world.

Torun escaped the World War, protecting its buildings that give the feel of old Poland dating back to the middle ages. One thing you need not miss out is the church Cathedral of SS. John if you are interested in painting and sculptures. 

April to mid-December are the best months to run.

8. Bialowieza Forest

Source: ICUN

The Bialowieza forest is the largest as it covers most of Europe and is the only place where European bison remain free and living in the woods they once did throughout Europe. Wolves, Lynx, Red Deer, Wild Boar, Elk, and Roe Deer are among its other inhabitants.

While the bison are kept within fenced areas, guided tours are available either on foot or in horse-drawn carriages.

Autumn is the most preferred time to see the magnificent beauty of the colorful trees for visiting the Bialowieza forest.

9. Lublin

Source: Pinterest

Lublin, situated in the east of Vistula, is another city famous for its market place that dates back to the 6th century. It is home to the largest Jewish communities in Poland.

You can witness both the western and eastern cultures in Lublin along with the cobblestone streets and the medieval architecture of the old town that will glaze your eyes with lively art and nightclub scene.

You should be visiting here during the march.

10. Malbork

Source: Culture Trip

Malbork is famous for its castles build in the 13th century by the Knights of Teutonic order as their headquarters. Three castles at a place make it the world's largest brick castle taking about 230 years to build.

Most of the parts of which were destroyed during the world war but better restored, making it one of the paces to visit in Poland. Do not just view the castle while you are in Malbork but also view the whole area, which is full of crystal clear lakes and rivers.

The preferred time to visit Malbork is from spring to early autumn.

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