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10 Best Places to Visit in Philippines
8 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Places to Visit in Philippines

The Philippines, a country famous not just for its rich biodiversity but also for the people and their genuine behavior. Its always been heard that Filipinos ae the kindest human being you will find on earth; well not just them but of course, them too. So why not visit a place which is beautiful both inside and out if you are planning for a vacation.

The Philippines is the southeast Asian country in the western pacific compromising of more than 7000 islands.philippines are not just beautiful in attraction but also in case of safety and your budget too.

So, if you planned to go on a vacation to a place that will amaze you, please don't forget to mark the Philippines on the list, and if you already planned for it, here are ten best places you should visit in the Philippines.

1. Palawan

Source: Road Affair

One of the best places to go if you are in the Philippines is Palawan. Palawan is an island province stretching from Mindoro to Borneo. Puerto Princesa is the provincial capital here, which is close to large karst formation with underground water.

Palawan is famous for its beautiful diving spot, Coron reefs, and a town called El Nido. The best time to visit Palawan is in Feb and march when the combination temp with 27 degrees mixed up with little rain.

2. Boracay

Source: Culture Trip

This island is on the list of top 3 beaches in the world, which is famous for its endless white-sand beaches, sailboat rides, and the beautiful resorts. The best part of Boracay is the middle portion of the beach, which is arranged with various foods, shopping arrangements, adventure, and fun.

You can find the lodges within your budget to high rated ones, but these beaches, turquoise water, and romantic ambiance are open to all. The best time is the dry season from November to April to visit Boracay.

3. Banaue

Source: Culture Trip

The only reason to have a bus trip to Banaue is the mud-walled rice terraces. This place is full of agricultural engineering that has been passed down from generation to generation from 2000 years back.

Things that make Banaue most exciting to visit are the scenery, impressive flats and, spectacular wood craved rice gardens. Even though modernization has touches Banaue, but you can still find the old way of agriculture, and you can get to enjoy the less touristic things.

If you wanna see the greenery, visit during April-May or Oct-Nov. However, if you want the fields all golden, you can come to Banaue during June and December.

4. Mindoro

Source: The Crazy Tourist

Mindoro consist of 2 separate regions differentiated by a high mountain range. The northern part of Mindoro is quite remote, and you can only find one resort on this island.

But Mindoro is very famous for the divers, and it even shows you the doorway to the island of Pangan and pristine Apo Reef Marine Natural Park.

The main part of the attraction to tourists is the town of Puerto Galera. Along with these, jeep trips, orchid rainforests, kayaking rivers, waterfalls, and white sand beaches are available for the people. Mindoro can be visited during April and May; however, the beaches get crowded during that time.

5. Cebu

Source: Road Affair

Cebu is the island province consisting of the main island itself and other 167 other surrounding islands. Cebu City, the capital, is the oldest one and is home for nations 2nd international airport.

Mactan Island is a famous destination for divers; however, Cebu is moreover the smaller and busiest version of manila. Cebu is considered as the number 1 diving site in the country. Winter season is best for Cebu with sunny days, winter nights, and less humid weather.

6. Tagaytay

Source: Get Your Guide

The Taal volcano that sits majestically above the town of Tagaytay is the combination of active and extinct craters that create a beautiful tapestry of must-sees provided with the lake Taal and central island that is an active volcano crater, seen steaming on some days.

If you have never seen the unspoiled water of a crater lake, you surely gonna be amazed by this. The town of Tagaytay is considered to be clean, laid back, and heaven for the foodies.

Most tourist attractions here include St Annie shrine, large local flower farm, and punta the Santiago lighthouse. November to March has a moderate climate to visit Tagaytay.

7. Donsol

Source: Afar

Donsol is your place if you want to get a beautiful view of white sharks in the sleeping village. Not just that, but Donsol can be considered as the place of clean beaches, wonderful waterfalls, and unexplored caves.

Donsol provides the tropical water for the best habitat to these sharks, and that is why large species migrate here between November and June Peking towards Feb.

These sharks are not scared of you but approach you when you sail beautifully on your boat. The best months are February to May, but the whales can be seen from November to June too.

8. Manila

Source: Britannica

The capital of the Philippines, this Asian megacity, is famous for the tourists for its new and old culture. Manila is the fly point of many tourists visiting here. From tall mesmerizing buildings from skyscraper gazing tour to the turn of the century landmarks, this place will never fail to amaze you.

There is a bonus if you are a food lover; you can find amazing foods from streets to beautiful expensive, and hospitable restaurants to enjoy the blend of Spanish, indigenous, and Chinese. There is never a wrong time to visit manila because it has more than 2 dozens annual festivals that will keep you enjoying.

9. Bohol

Source: YouTube

Just a short trip from Cebu, Bohol has been the home for other remaining primates. The unique oddity of the chocolate hills serves as the 2nd draw to the non-divers.

The mogul like hills here are believed to be formed by the rocks thrown by the angry giant, and the tourists here come to feel the breathtaking diving opportunities Bohol offers.

Bohol is the jumping-off point for the marines reserves of Panglao and the pelican islands. The best time to visit here is August to October with a mix of rainy and sunny weather.

10. Vigan

Source: Flickr

If you wanna go back to the colonial times, visiting the Crisologo St region of this town never go out of style. You can get to see the old-style horse carts along the streets and dark wood mansions along the sides.

On older times, Vigan used to export beeswax and gold to china; however, tourism has become the most way of income generation nowadays. Vigan is stuffed with 2 hearts, one being the shopping center in the north and the other being the business district in the south.

Museums here are other attractions for the people visiting Vigan. Vigan is full of tourists during easter holidays however you can come to visit this place even during august, mid-December and early January months.

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