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10 Best Places to Visit in Norway
31 December, 2019 0 Comments

"10 Best Places to Visit in Norway

There are tons of options to visit in Norway. You have got Troms region in the north, Flam, and Alesund on the west coast and lovely mountains. Wherever you go, you will find yourself surrounded by natural wonder.

If Norway is in your bucket list, we have listed down the best places in Norway that you should visit with your family, friends, or even if you are planning your honeymoon with your partner. Here are the 10 places to visit in Norway.

1. Oslo 

Source: Hypebeast

Oslo is the thriving Capital city of Norway’s. When it comes to art and history lovers, Oslo is hard to beat. Oslo is home to some of the top-notch museums and art galleries on the planet.

Not only that, it is famous for its world’s richest artifacts, including the Norwegian Maritime Museum and Viking Ship Museum. The exploration does not stop here.

Check out the fantastic 9th-century OsebeRG Viking Ship, which is still well preserved till date.  If you are fond of arts, visit Oslo Opera house, one of the best summer spots.

2. Alesund

Source: Britannica

Want to have a gateway to northern, western fjords, and alpine forests of Norway.  Situated on a narrow peninsula on the west coast, Alesund is boasted quintessential and picturesque Scandinavian town and cod-fish fleet.  

After a fire in 1904, this city went renovation, and you can still witness the Jugendstil art novae style of architecture. To know more about this art and fashion, you can visit Jungendstilsenteret (Art Noveau Center).

For a little bit of adventure, head to 40 steps of Fjellstua lookout point to witness the breathtaking view of nearby mountains and islands.

3. Tromso 

Source: Finanacial Times

Tromso is known for its 18th-century wooden houses and beauty of natural surroundings. The surprising fact about Tromso is most of its cities are located on this island with several options for explorations.

The museum, events, stunning birch tree visitors trip to Storesteinen Mountain, ride to Fjellheisen Cable Car are some of the exciting things to do here.

A ride to Storesteinen Mountain offers you the astonishing view of surrounding mountains and Fjords. Other features include the arctic aquarium Polaria and the Polar Museum.

After all the visiting of museums and aquarium, rest under the stars for a panoramic view of Northern lights.

4. Trondheim 


One of the largest cities of Norway, Trondheim, was founded back in 997 during Viking Age and the nation’s religious center during the Middle Ages.

For any history, lovers will find this ideal, who wants to dig up more about Norway’s history. To be more precise, Trondheim is an ancient city where the restored 12th-century castle, from Nidaros Cathedral, the northernmost medieval cathedral in the world, can be still explored.

5. Jotunheimen National Park

Sources. Visit Norway

Jotunheimen is one of the first national parks of Norway and is home to some of the giant mountains. Situated in the nation's central region, the park is blessed with beautiful mountains.

It is the main attraction of this park. Another attraction of this park includes 285 meters of Vettisfossen waterfalls, one of Norway’s highest waterfalls.

The snowy cap of mountains, chilling weather, and breathtaking view of glaciers give you a unique vibe of Norway. While you are here, try out the adventurous hiking of a glacier, skiing, climbing mountains, and tours summit.

6. Bergen 

Source: Visit Bergen

Bergen is the second’s largest city in Norway, and since the ages of the Middle,  it is known as the leading nation of the western port. The history and art lovers will love their visit in a 14th-century waterfront, which is still well preserved till date.

The houses and buildings boost the charm of this city, which are built front to Fjords in the city and its surrounding city and offer a scenic beauty of the whole city as well as the sea.  

The best way to enjoy the trip of Bergen is a boat trip that is very popular with the gateway of Frojds.

7. Stavanger 

Source: The Crazy Tourist

Another beautiful city of Norway, Stavanger, is a location where few beaches reside in whole Norway. Situated in the southeast of Norway. It is one of the reasons; this is a hotspot for the summer destination.

During summer, you can have a mix of sunbathing in the clear beaches with an exploration of Scandinavia. For a bit more fun,  cruise to the sea of Stavanger for the research of the aquatic life.

If you are an art aficionado, there are lots of exciting things waiting for you. The Rogaland Kunstmusuem holds the ancient belongings of Stavanger, which is a superb exhibition to Norwegian art. And do not forget to check out the Medieval church and Gamle Stavanger.

8. Pulpit Rock 

Source: YouTube

There is nothing more amazing than a place guaranteeing you the best view of Norway. Pulpit Rock promises you the breathtaking views along with thrilling adventures.

Hike yourself for 4- 5 hours to the top of Pulpit Rock to witness the majestic view across the Fjord. The hike is a bit challenging, but worth your time.  

Be extra careful while you reach on edge. Weather can not be trusted in this place, and each year, hikers have died falling off the edge.

Once you arrive on top, try to look down from 600 + plus meter, which pretty much gives you goosebumps. We do not want to sound like parents but be sensible and safe while hiking on Pulpit Rock.

9. Runde Island 

Source: Unsplash

Especially as a tiny little island, Runde island is the prettiest place on the planet. You can get into this island from the city of Alesund. We recommend sailing directly on a RIB boat for some scenic beauty on your way.

Right away after your arrival, you can see puffins surfing on waves of oceans. They will company through your whole stay on Island. If you are not fond of keeping your feet on the water, drive across one of the bridges.

Make sure to bring your gadgets to picture thousands of puffins around this untouched place.

10. Briksdalsbreen Glacier

Source: Wikipedia

Located in Stryn, Briksdalsbreen is the most accessible glacier to visit. It is one of the must-see spots during your trip to Norway.

It is the perfect natural beauty and is an “offshoot” on the arm of the much larger. Do not forget to check out its nearby glacier, Jostedalsbeern.

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