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10 Best Places to Visit in Myanmar
8 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Places to Visit in Myanmar

Thought of planning your vacation in Myanmar and doubtful about that? Let me clear up your thoughts that Myanmar could be your dream vacation to go.

A Southeast Asian nation comprised of more than 100 ethenic groups, Myanmar, is called as the golden land and is also one of the most happening travel locations.

This place will amaze you with its sizzling beauty and amazingly crafted temples and pagodas along with parks, bustling markets, and lakes. Myanmar will steal a piece of your heart when you step off from the plane and land on the craziest, beautiful, and inspirational country.

There is much more to do in Myanmar than just roaming around. Now, look at the ten best places you should be putting on your visit list when you plan to go on a vacation to Myanmar.

1. Began

Source: Travel Daily Media

Began is famous for watching the heartwarming sunrise over the Began temple plains, and this is the most iconic moment in Myanmar to see the sun lighting up the began temple.

This temple stretches all over the place your eye can reach for, which looks like heaven under the shade of the rainbow-colored sky mixed up with the hot air balloons.

This moment will surely take your breath if you love nature and the way it shines. The best part is you can easily find a place to stay near the place or anywhere around began.the best temperature to walk through began is during spring and autumn season, especially in May and June.

2. Mount Popa

Source: GetYourGuide

If you are in Myanmar, make sure to travel the 777 steps of mount Popa, which is a half-day trip from Began. Also, you will come across sacred monastery, with stupas glistening gold.

These 777 stairs lead you to the top of Mount Popa, the headquarter of Myanmar's most powerful nats, and this route is linked with jumping monkeys keen to get friendly with tourists in search of food. The hike to Mount Popa with 777 steps ahead could be tiring, but also, when you reach the top, believe me, it's just worth the tiredness.

3. Kakku

Source: Osuga Myanmar Travels

Kakku is the shan state hidden gem and Myanmar's one of the most spectacular pagodas. It is the collection of 2478 stupas commissioned together about 2000 yrs ago and a religious center for Pa'O people, Buddhist tribe from Myanmar.

Don't forget to get lost in the beauty of the amazingly bonded stupas here in Kakku, a half-day trip from Inle lake that should only be visited with a local guide because of certain coutry reasons.

4. Inle Lake

Source: Lonely 

This is one of the most stunning lakes in the world, and a sunset boat ride in Inle lake is something everyone always dreams of because the best way to enjoy the emptiness and silence of this beautiful lake is to take a slender long-tail wooden boat ride.

During the sunset, the sky adds colors to the lake as if someone has made the picture-perfect setting, and it looks just like a bride after getting dressed on her wedding day. The dry season is considered idle for exploring Inle lake when the season is dry when less of rain.

5. Indein

Source: YouTube

If you ever got to visit Indein, a village located at the end of narrow creek directly off Inle lake, you will be left amazed by 100's of red white and brown stupas standing in various states disrepair on a hill of Indein.

The twisting and turning of the creeks take one to farmers accompanied by water buffalos tilling the rice paddies and bathing along the banks with great joy and fun.

Oct to May are the months consider better for visiting the Indein village of Myanmar because the country is accessible, temples are shimmer, beaches are open, making your visit varied and rewarding.

6. Shwedagon Pagoda

Source: Tripsavvy

You can visit this pagoda at any time of the day, but there is something about the quiet calm of the dark that makes it memorable if you visit at night.

Shwedagon Pagoda is considered one of the most sacred Buddhist pagodas in Myanmar containing the relics of the four previous Buddhas, and at night worshippers are the ones that are mostly seen around.

You can never take your eye off from the golden beauty of the pagoda after the night falls and is one of the most unmissable things in the city of Yangon. Evening time starting from 5:30 to 7 is the best time for visiting the Shwedagon Pagoda.

7. Irrawaddy River

Source: Pulitzer Center

The Irrawaddy river is one of the longest rivers in Myanmar, which brings the promise of a glimpse into life both on its water and along the banks while cruising along with it.

Watching the villagers, local filler man, and the life unfolding along the banks is one of the most authentic and peaceful experience you can have in Myanmar. This place is best considered if visited during cool and dry weather of Nov and February when the days are warm with cooler nights.

8. Shwenandaw Kyaung  Monastery

Source: Trip Advisor

Also known as Golden palace monastery, Shwenandaw Monastery, near the Mandalay hill, was once the part of the royal palace and included spectacular teak carvings of Buddhist myths.

It is entirely different from other religious sights in Myanmar and the absolute highlight of Mandalay. The dry season is considered best from Nov-Feb to visit Shwenandaw Monastery.

9. Mahamuni Pagoda

Source: Flickr

Another beautiful thing to visit in Mandalay is Mahamuni pagoda, which is one of the most visited Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Myanmar and covers the Mahumuni Buddha image, which is the most revered in the country.

But the only restrictions here are that only man can enter the inner chamber, a place of gold leaf, while women watch me from outside. The dry season from November to February is considered as the best to visit Mandalay and its places.

10. U-Bein Bridge

Source: Rove Me

If you want to go photography in Myanmar, one of the best sites to be considered as the u-bein bridge for its sunset view that, stretches over 1km acres Taungthaman lake, which is worth capturing.

When the sun sets on another Myanmar day, the local monks make thier way across the bride returning to their monastery that makes the iconic Myanmar scene. The best time to go here for photography is weekdays and not weekends during the morning time.

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