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10 Best Places to Visit in Hungary
5 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Places to Visit in Hungary

Hungary, a landlocked country in central Europe, is most famous for its capital, Budapest, bisected by the Danube river. If you are a party person and loves to view the nightlife, you should visit Hungary for sure. Hungary is just very beautiful, very safe to travel but can slightly be expensive than other eastern European countries.

Turkish and Roman influence can also be seen on Hungary, and much more than that, Hungary is famous for its goulash and paprika along with a range of famous world-class wines. Now, if you are inspired enough to travel to Hungary, let me explain the top 10 places to visit in Hungary below.

1. Budapest

Source: Tourist Secrect

Hungary's capital, Budapest, is considered as one of the best places to visit for its greenery and nightlife. This place is famous for its world's largest thermal water cave system, the second largest synagogue, and the world's 3rd largest parliament building.

Fisherman's basin gives a world spectacular view od the Danube and the city too. One of the other memorials to Jews shot in the 2nd world war remains at the shoes of the Danube, where they opened their shoes after being shot and washed away by the river. March-May and September-November are the times you can plan for Budapest.

2. Lake Balaton

Source: Britannica

If you just want to relax in a place rather than roaming around, feel free to visit lake Balaton, which is Europe's largest freshwater lake and Hungary's popular summer resort. This lake is so big that it is even referred to as "Hungarian sea"; a delightful misnomer as the country is landlocked. Grasses cover most of the beaches in lake Balaton; however, you can even find artificial sandy beaches if you want to.

The northern shore may please you with more wineries, historic bathing town, and a beautiful castle. Summer is considered he best time to visit Lake Balaton like July and August.

3. Eger

Source: The Crazy Tourist

Eger is the northern Hungary's 2nd largest city, which is famous for its magnificent baroque buildings. The first Christian king founded Episcopal cathedral, with Eger being the most religious center till today. This cathedral is built on a castle hill with the city growing around it. The castle and basilica are the city's top things to look at followed by the valley of women, series of wine cellars and restaurants built on hills.

If you want to have a beautiful view from the top, you can even climb the 150 stepped Torok Kori Minaret. Late springs and early autumn can be considered suitable to visit Eger.

4. Sopron


Source: TripAdvisor

Sopron is being considered as the both Austrian and the Hungarian city over the centuries. This city built during the Roman times stand straight after the world war 2 and is making fame being the most wine productive region and popular for its red and white wines along with great hiking near the alps.

This city is also called as the "most loyal town. If you are waiting for ideal weather to visit Sopron, April to September could be the time.

5. Pecs

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Pecs is considered one of the UNESCO's cities of peace where different ethnic group co-exists, and refugees live peacefully, making it multicultural. Romans, ottoman, and Christian have ruled this place, yet its beautiful climate, magnificent museums, medieval buildings, and fine wines make Pecs, the popular tourist destination. Pecs were even home to Hungary's old university, founded in 1367. If you love snow, you can visit pecs during early to mid-February.

6. Aggtelek National Park

Source: TripAdvisor

Big fan of caves? Make sure to put Aggtelek National Park on your bucket list, which is located in northern Hungary. It is a 3 hrs drive from Budapest, which is also home to the largest stalactic caves.
Aggtelek is a preserved area with some places being marked off-limit to tourists while other places should be visited as per mentioned there.

Guided tours, experience to physical capabilities, and concert inside Baradla along with the most beautiful flora and fauna can be the things of attractions too.

7. Heviz


Heviz, home to the largest thermal lakes in the world, is a place where you can relax soaking your legs on hot spring water. The water temperature can be adjusted, and water is adjusted to be cleaned in alternate days or whatever is possible to make it more perfect for swimming and clean.

After these medicinal swims, you would love to hike all around the forests, go concert or just eat and relax. This place seems crowdy all over the year as it is famous for the spas. Mid-January and February can be the time to visit Heviz.

8. Debrecen

Source: The Crazy Tourist

Considered as Hungary's capital most of the time over centuries, Debrecen is an important cultural center. Once destroyed heavily by the 2nd world war; still, Debrecen stands to be the most intellectual center of the country with Calvinist college famous for its architecture.

Debrecen attracts tourists through its beautiful reformed church ( largest Protestant church in Hungary), the Deri Museum, with its collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts and the annual Flower Carnival. This place can be visited from  April-September. However, February here is freezing and maybe the rainiest season.

9. Hortobagy National Park


Source: World Heritage Nepal

Considered as the largest protected area and world's largest seminatural grasslands dated back 10,000 years, Hortobagy is the first national park of Hungary made in 1973. Hortobagy never fails to amaze you if you are a bird lover with a collection of 342 species. Also, you can still see animals like buffaloes, horses, grazing on the lands of the national park.

The top attractions here are the nine arch bridge constructed to cross the grasslands and the Karang windmill constructed back in the 19th century. Late autumn could be the time you should be visiting Hortobagy to have a close looks to the birds residing here.

10. Gyor

Source: YouTube

Last but not least, Gyor, a city between Budapest and Vienna, is good to wander around. Gyor also has been ruled by the Mongols, Magyars, Czechs, and Ottomans, though city fathers burned the town to keep the Turks from taking it.

A must-see is the church of St. Ignatius of Loyola, an ornate Benedictine cathedral, which visitors have described as “food for the soul,”; yet you will find statues and marvelous old buildings at every corner or turns that will keep your eyes busy. Early June to mid-September could be the best time to visit here for warm weather.

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