10 Best Places to Visit in Fiji

10 Best Places to Visit in Fiji
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"10 Best Places to Visit in Fiji

Fiji is a country in the south pacific, with varying landforms along with several beaches and tropical forests all around. Fiji can never be a wrong choice, even if you are thinking about solo travel, family trip, or a romantic time to have with your soulmate.

This will surely give you the feel of joey's  "how you doing"? (just f.r.i.e.n.d.s thing) ain't it. A country famous for its friendly people and heavenly tropical islands, Fiji is blessed with the tropical marine climate with just slight changes all over the year.

There's much more to see in Fiji; however, it could get a slight expensive to travel there if you are a saver. But if my words just catch your mind and you are about to plan a vacation to Fiji, let me make sure that you are correct in your decisions. Let's talk about the ten best places you should be visiting if you are in Fiji.

1. Fiji Museum

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Fiji museum gives you an amazing adventure of the island's cultural and historical development. To be in sequential order, don't forget to start exploring the Fiji museum from behind the ticket counter and roam around clockwise accordingly.

Various attractions in the primary lobby include the war clubs and grisly show about human flesh consumption. Situated on the Cakobau Road, Suva, Fiji museum can be visited any time of the year, but the busiest days are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

2. Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve

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One of the best places to visit in Fiji island is the colo-i-Suva forest park, which is a 2.5km square forest with tropical plants and melodic fledgling lives.

This park with offer you with exquisite vistas and great natural pools and take you away to a quiet and cool place apart from the Suva's urban upheaval at an elevation of 120-180m.

3. Sava Municipal market

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The municipal market is the thumping heart of Fiji and also another best place to roam around. This market is extraordinary and can be explored around with a camera in hand. You can easily spend your hours here.

This place is cheaper to buy things from then other general markets. You can get a variety of giant cabbages, tomatoes, chilies along with cassava, jackfruit, and yams, with people not hesitating to cut the voyager to deliver the cassava on time.

4. Sri Siva Subramanya Swamy Temple

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This brilliantly built Hindu temple is not just a goto place but also one of the handfuls of spots where you can see traditional Dravidian engineering.

The wooden cravings of god came here from India, as the specialists who decorate the temple in vivid coats and breathtaking roof frescos.

If you are in Fiji, don't forget to roam around here because you will never regret to appreciate the beauty of this beautiful temple. You should be visiting the Sri Siva Subramanya Swamy temple during the early afternoon as it closes at 7 pm sharp.

5. Sigatoka Sand Dunes

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Another must-go place in Fiji is Sigatoka Sand Dunes, which lies close to the Sigatoka river. A national park, mostly visited by nature lovers, has already been the national stop in 1989.

Sigatoka Sand Dunes is 5km long,1 km wide, and 20m high, and you should never have a second thought for Sigatoka if you want a peace-inducing experience in Fiji. If you love to do sandboarding, you should visit Sigatoka Sand Dunes during the dry season that is from may-oct.

6. Tavuni Hill Fort

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If you are on your honeymoon phase and want to get the best time with your partner, make sure you goto tavuni hill fort. Out of all the forts scattered all around Fiji, tavuni hill for is the most famous of all.

One of the guarded sites utilized during the world war,tavuni hill fort, was made in the 18th century and the fact that the perspectives over the fort being very eye-catchy make this place more popular among others in Fiji. Tavuni hill fort is Fiji's most beautiful and interesting historic site and the most accessible site for visitors from all over the world.

7. Musket Cove Marina

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One of the best attractions of Fiji is the Musket Cove Marina, which pulls yachties from everywhere throughout the world. There are 27 moorings, 25 marina billets, dockside fuel and water, drop-mail benefits, clothing zone, and much more.

This marina will also amaze you with its hot showers, book swap, bicycle contract, a noticeboard, and constrained repair administrations. This place can be visited on afternoons after your runs in between 2:30 to 4:30.

8. Navilawa

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The rough street that approaches Navilawa embraces the Sabeto rivers, faultless swimming gaps, and cascades to dive in, but you need to ask for the permissions to the locals that come across your way.

The town is set into an old volcanic cavity encompassed with timberlands and mountains. The best thing about this is the rainforest climb next to streaming spring. May, June, September, and October could be the pleasant months to visit Navilawa because of frequent rains and humid conditions.

9. Snake God Cave

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One of the famous places in Fiji is this snake god cave,  situated at a distance of 23km to the west of Korovou at Wailotua town. The sparkling stalactites inspire the name of this place in the state of snakes' heads. During the ancestral war, the town wholly packs up as a group and looks for protection in pitch dark maze.

10. Tavoro Waterfalls

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Another beautiful attraction of Fiji that will mesmerize your mind much with its beauty is Tavoro waterfall, i.e., confined by its thick and incredibly green forests.

This Tavoro waterfall is a must to see the majestic beauty of Fiji. These three cascades  (otherwise called the Bouma Falls) exemplify the ‘garden of islands’ for which Taveuni is considered as one of the famous places to visit in Fiji.

The main cascade (24m) is a 30-minute climb to the second one while the third includes a climb along the soft-sloppy woods, which requires an additional 20 minutes to cover up.

As the temperature of Fiji is divided as hot and humid (Nov-April) to dry and mild (May-Oct) therefore, you should be visiting Fiji during mid- October to mid- November as the prices too get so reasonable, the crowds are well settled, and the weather conditions are dry, settled and pleasantly warm.

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