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10 Best Places to Visit in Croatia
6 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Places to Visit in Croatia

Holidays means needing some refreshments from your daily life, and if you are planning to go on a beautiful, romantic, and sizzling place, Croatia should be on your top list. Croatia is an Eastern European country with a long coastline on the Adriatic Sea. Not only it encompasses 1000's islands, but it also crosses the Dinaric Alps.

An English poet, Lord Byron was the first who described Dubrovnik as the "pearl of the Adriatic." This place is mostly famous for its dog breed Dalmations and has become one of Europe's top

tourist destination again since its War of Independence.

It doesn't even cost you a lot just for visiting Croatia like other European countries and, most importantly, to the Game of Thrones fans; the Dalmatian coast in Split and Dubrovnik are the places the Series was filmed on. If you had your mindset for Croatia, let's go for the 10 best places you should not forget when you make your visit to Croatia.

1. Dubrovnik

Source: Business Insider

Located at the southern tip of Croatia off the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik has a historic city called the "Old City," which is a must-visit. Under the blue sky, the orange roof topped houses seem darling to look at.  

The historic "old city" is not just famous for defensive walls, cobblestone streets, magnificent palaces, but also stunning churches. Also, you can get a beautiful view of the beaches just outside the town.  

The most favorable time to visit this place is in September and October when the temperature is not very hot.

2. Hvar

Source: Tourist Secrets

Hvar, a beautiful Croatian island off the Dalmatian Coast, favored for its landscapes of spectacular beaches, lavender fields. Hvar city is specially visited for its 13th-century walls, marble stone streets, Gothic palaces, stunning churches, and an imposing old fortress. Apart from that, Hvar also offers you hiking in the cliffs to swimming in the secluded coves and beaches.

July and August are the best months to visit this place. Yes, this might get way hotter here, but it is worth a shot.

3. Plitvice National Park

Source: VenTourist

Compressed with breathtaking lakes, waterfalls, and lush forest, Plitvice national park is one of the go-to places all over Europe and not just Croatia. Sixteen interconnecting lakes that are divided into upper and lower clusters are its main points of attraction. The lakes range in different colors from turquoise to blue, green, and gray that can be viewed from boats or walking through the wooden steps.

Pleasant weather to visit this place could be fount in April, May, September, and October.

4. Split

Source: Kimkim

The most important place on the Dalmatian Coast and Croatia's second-largest city, split, has the most versatile nature and is mostly famous for its beaches and Roman ruins, notably Diocletian's Palace, which lies in the heart of Split's Old Town. The beautiful places here will let visitors figure out why Croatia is the most visited place.

This site could be best visited on September and October when the water could be warm enough to take a dip in. 

5. Rovinj

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Rovinj is an archipelago of 20 beautiful islands with its Old Town set on a small peninsula. This place is in the best places for its Narrow streets of cobblestone, stairways, arches, and other impressive architecture, which make the Old Town a sightseeing adventure.

Not just this but the scenic harbor, Carrera Street, with its many shops and art galleries, and Grisia Street are other reasons to visit here.  The middle year months are quite comfortable for Rovinj to visit.

However, July-August is the busiest time of this place when the things /your stay could get a little more expensive than expected it to be.

6. Zadar

Source:Budget your trip

Situated on a beautiful coastline, a three-thousand-year-old city, rich in history is sure to draw tourists. Of course, that is Zadar itself.  An elegant yet ideal tourist location for you to visit as it offers plenty to see and do without all the crowds of other popular destinations in Croatia.

At the heart of the city is it's Old Town, which offers fantastic sightseeing attractions including Roman ruins, medieval architecture, and numerous old churches. Also, you can relax, sunbathe on the stunning beaches of this place.  

This place should be visited on months from May- September when the accommodation could get more cheaper like offseason.

7. Pula

Source: GetbyBus

Pula is attracting tourists from ancient roman times when fans flocked the city's amphitheater to watch gladiator fights. After being ruled for several years, this place belongs to Croatia and is best known for its wealth of Roman ruins along with the mix of cultures. This place has been occupied, destroyed, and rebuilt alot of times yet is mesmerizing entirely.

The best time to visit this place is between June - August.

8. Korcula

Source: Britannica

Best known for the birthplace of famous merchant traveler MARCO Polo, Korcula, is a 30-mile island located off Croatia's Adriatic Coast comprised of lush green forests, vineyards, olive groves, sandy beaches, and charming villages. This place provides plenty of facilities for tourists with beautiful and colorful markets to shop for.

If you want to have a sunshine vacation, then you should visit Korcula from mid-June to mid-September.

9. Zagreb

Source: Musement Blog

The largest city of Croatia, Zagreb, is the capital city too. This place is for historical as well as for modern attractions. Located in northwestern Croatia, the town dates back to the 11th century when Hungarian King Ladislaus first established a diocese. Zagreb is divided into upper and lower cities for tourists to visit the old and beautiful churches and towers.

This place is best during April and September because of the warm but comfortable weather, with spring rainfalls being quite frequent.

10. Krka National Park

Source: YouTube

In the central Dalmatia of Croatia, Krka National Park is a protected area for its spectacular natural scenery, wildlife, and historical sites. It is best known for its numerous gushing waterfalls and natural pools of clear, blue-green waters.

You can either take its view through boat or by just walking on the walkways. This place is very photogenic as well and can be used for swimming too. Krka National Park is a whole year tourist destination. July and August are quite crowdy, so if you want to make a peaceful and pleasant visit, you should get here after July or August.

June and September are the best time to visit this place.

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