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10 Best Places to Visit in Cambodia
31 December, 2019 0 Comments

"10 Best Places to Visit in Cambodia

If you are bored because of the same beaches or natural sights and want to refresh your new visit with some interesting ancient ruins viewing, Cambodia is the place that you should be packing your bags. Even if this place is rapidly modernizing, but you can still find out temples unrivaled in scale.

So Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nation whose landscape coves the low-lying plains, Mekong Delta, mountains, and the Gulf of Thailand. Its capital, Phnom Penh, is the home to the art deco central market.

In Cambodia, there are some smaller towns and villages that will help you experience the traditional life of them, including treks to the jungle and the fascinating ancient ruins. If you have now made your mind, here are 10 best places in Cambodia you can visit.

1. Angkor

Source: Lonely Planet

This place is filled with all the historical treasures, making it one of the most significant archeological sites in Southeast Asia. This place can be seen with the ruins of several temples over all these farm and rice fields. "Angkor Wat Temple" is the most famous single religious monument of Angkor.

Along with this, it even includes the Bayon temple and a Buddhist temple ruin with towering trees. Many temples of these places have been preserved, making this place one of the wonders of the ancient world.

This place can be visited during November and March when the climate is not so warm, but this is the peak season. So if you don't want to face crowd, June to October could be best for you.

2. Phnom Penh

Source: The Independent

Phnom Penh is the largest city of Cambodia and its capital since the French colonial days. This place has once known as the "pearl of Asia," is one of the prettiest of the cities the French build Indochina though this place is still recovering from war and the revolution.

 We can still see the French influence here. The royal palace and the national museum are the top attractions here. December and January are the best time (yet most crowdy) to visit Phnom Penh when the temperature is pleasant and with less rainfall.

3. Koh Ker

Source: Wikipedia

This place was the capital of the Khmer empire during 928-944AD. This is a remote temple about 75 miles northeast of Siem reaps. Magnificent sculptures and spectacular buildings were made in a short period.

This place fascinates tourists for its beautiful 30 m tall temple rising high above the surrounding jungle. And left to the jungle is the Koh Ker Cambodia's most remote temple leading destination that has now been provided by several toll roads.

4. Siem Reap

Source: Lonely Planet

Siem Reap is Cambodia's fastest-growing city and serves as a gateway to the most charming and world-famous destinations of Angkor temples. Siem Reap has transformed itself as the most beautiful tourist hub.

It is a combination place to chill out while viewing the most eye-catching temples as it provides a wide range of hotels from a hefty budget to oh that's my type budget with a variety of foods.

December and January are the months to visit this place as the weather is warm and dry.

5. Sihanoukville

Source: The Crazy Tourist

Sihanoukville is named after the former king, Norodom Sihanouk, which provides you with a popular Cambodian beach resort on the Gulf of Thailand. It is the place where the US fought its last battle in the Vietnam War.

Southeast beaches are the other attractions to come to Cambodia after you had finished taking your eyes off from those beautiful darling temples and other attractions in the city. The beaches can be seen with lots of tourists residing in huts or luxury hotels; there's no in-between.

November and February could be the best time for travelers to visit here because of its pleasant weather conditions for traveling.

6. Kratie

Source: Wander Lush

Kratie is a small town located on the bank of the Mekong River, with central market places and surrounded by old, French buildings. This place is to see the rare Irrawaddy dolphins, which can be found in the Mekong River in ever-diminishing numbers.

You can visit this place from December through February for the warm weather travelers.

7. Kampot

Source: The Crazy Tourist

Kampot is located not so far from the Gulf of Thailand and is very famous for its peppers than tourists, though it is gaining the number of tourists every time. The black peppercorns from Kampot are world-famous for their unique taste and flavor.

It is the gateway to the Bokor national park, which is famous for its French hill station, pleasant climate, and the rainforest. You can even enjoy boating as well as rafting viewing the most heartwarming waterfalls along the route.

Crab curry is the famous dish of the local people residing here. If you are looking for warm times to visit here, then may April and June can be the best time for you.

8. Battambang

Source: Lonely Planet

Battambang is Cambodia's 2nd most popular city and is popular because of the tourists interested in Cambodia's history. This place has to be a part of French Indochina; earlier being the trading center in the 18th century with some colonial buildings still existing.

This place has many temples, and Buddhist shrines that can be visited on foot or bicycle traveling can be a ease. The central market, statues of gods, and animals can mostly be found and are something that makes you busy all day.

April May and March could be the time if you want to go on hot weather here.

9. Bandung

Source: Agoda

This place lies in Northern Cambodia and a great destination for travelers enjoying outdoors. A large number of tour companies allow tourists to get overnight or a day tour to the close-up scene with nature and let them view varieties of monkeys and other wildlife residing here.

However, you will not like getting close to leeches. if you love to see deep lakes and traditional weaving by the women here, 'year loam volcanic lake ' could be the best thing you should go.

You can visit this place on November or early December because the rainy season gets over by now, and the heat doesn't even get to its peak.

10. Kep

Source: Agoda

Kep is a small seaside resort that allows you to see varieties of beach activities. The popular beach near here is "Rabbit Island," but the conditions here are worst with very few hours of electricity provision.

Visitors like to take the panoramic ocean views at Kep national park, can visit a butterfly preserve or see how the peppers are grown. This place is mostly visited on day time. The best time could be your choice.

If you want to visit it during cold weather, then November to January could be your choice, but for a hot, dry, and dusty visit, February and April should be your choice.

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