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10 Best Places to Visit in Bangkok for Shopping
5 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Places to Visit in Bangkok for Shopping

Bangkok is famous for its endless wild parties, night clubs, and Southeast Asia’s most prominent tourist destination. However,  Bangkok has another side you have not witnessed yet. While you are here, you might look up for shopping places in Bangkok, which is quite fun than you imagine.

With plenty of malls, markets, and shopping malls to explore, Bangkok hold’s the title of Southeast Aisa’s mall-endowed capitals. You might need a lot of bigger bags once you get into these shopping markets. Well, here are the 10 best shopping places in Bangkok.

1. Platinum Fashion Mall 

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Almost everything is fashionable in Platinum Fashion Mall, and for fashion lovers, this is a popular destination. From head to toe- hats, belts, shoes, cosmetics, and branded clothes are available at a very affordable price.  
On top of that,  there are shops for every age from children to old people. Despite being in a location where the Thai lifestyle overshadows most of the lifestyle, you will find clothes from various fashion hubs from Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, China, and western.

The range of stylish clothes is lovely. The exciting part of this mall is unlike other malls; Platinum is where price tags are not fixed. So the fun you want in a street shopping is experienced in a mall.

2. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Source: Tripsavvy

Chatuchak is one of the largest markets in with world where you can have the fun of street shops and lots of bargaining. The land this market has occupied is vast and covers an area of 35 acres. Chatuchak covers everything you need with unique sections like rare antiques, ceramics, souvenirs, and home furniture to check out.

The beautiful handicrafts in Thailand can be found while touting the Chatuchak market. On the other end, the product price is affordable, and the quality is high. Another reason to tour is its street food.

3. Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin Night Market 

Source: Expique

Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin Night Market is a shopping paradise for fans of vintage stuff. You will find your vintage style clothes at the Warehouse Zone and Rod’s antique areas. If you have plans to gift something romantic, then buy one of the vintage stuff, your partner will love them.

The antique collection like classic cars, bikes, cameras, kitsch furniture, French chandeliers is showcased at Rod’s antique section.  All these antiques are real and carry lots of history.

4. Pantip Plaza

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Pantip Plaza is heaven for technology-geek. There are hundreds of shops in Pan Tip Plaza that make up a massive collection of electronics all kinds in one place. From technology-related gadgets to computer software and hardware, Pantip Plaza has it.

The best part of this place is most of the shops in this building sell the computer at a wholesale price with accessible brand equipment. You do not have to bother to look, visit every shop, and compare price.

5. Pratunam Market

Source: Travel Foodie

In the list of shopping with affordable prices, another name pops out. Pratunam Market is one of the best places to buy in bulk orders of clothes in Bangkok. There is a Platinum Fashion Mall, which is the perfect place to shop for all kinds of products.

With more than 4000 stores to explore, there is nothing you can find. While you are here, do not forget to find modern style everyday wear at stores closers to Baiyoke Tower 1.

6. Iconsiam

Source: TripSavvy

Nested in the Charo Phraya River, indoor floating Market, the two malls and riverfront park at IconSIAM are beautiful to witness. Over $1.5 billion was invested in this mammoth development and is also Thailand’s first authorized Apple store available here.

As there are plenty of genuine international brands, prices in this mall are expected to be high. Not only that, Iconsiam is a beautiful place to get delicious food as you will find over 100 places to eat inside.

7. Central World

Source: Agoda

Like its name, Central World is like a place where all products are centralized. From cosmetic products to technologies, you will find everything. Located at Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Central World is the second largest mall in Thailand before Iconsiam.

Central World Square is often used for massive gathering on several occasions like New Year’s Eve Countdown. Once you visit Central World, you will find surrounded by 500 stores with a mix of shops of all budgets. People will love shopping here. Most of the shops target mid-range shoppers. When you get bore of shopping, be ready to ice skate and the feel cinematic experience in the most luxurious cinema in Thailand.

8. MBK Center 

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MBK Center is not just a shopping mall but a home for affordable gifts and souvenirs. In a shopping mall, all the products come under one roof with a mid-range budget. Due to this reason, more than 1000,000 daily visitors fight for space in 20,000 shops. However, be aware of scammers and fake products and plenty of scammers.

For cheap products such as clothing, trinkets, and technologies, this place is hard to beat.

9. Terminal 21

Source: 10Best

Located at Khwaeng Khlong Toei Nuea, Terminal 21 is a fun, traveled-themed, and mid-range mall. Composed of nine-level, Terminal is one of the biggest and largest malls in Bangkok. Nevertheless,  each of the nine levels represents exciting destinations in the world like Rome, Istanbul, or the Caribbean. As for shopping, all nine levels has a different experience. Each level offers you the branded clothes and local products. This makes Terminal 21 as one of the most visited malls in Bangkok. On the other end, this mall is most known for kids. Kids love to go here.

With all the cartoon clothes and parks to play, your kids, you have a wonderful time here. If you are here, enjoy the food court fifth floor, which is expensive and accessible but worth your every penny.  After delicious food, head to the fourth floor to view a scale, model of Golden Gate Bridge.

10. Siam Paragon 

Source: Bangkok

Siam Paragon is one of the top 15 largest malls in the world and is quite popular among visitors. Lovely mix shop and dining options make Siam Paragon the central location for the shopaholics. If you are interested in luxurious cars, make your stop in the Aston Martin and Lotus car showroom. The fun does not stop here when moon season kicks, get ready for the indoor activity.

Siam Paragon is the home to Southeast Asia’s largest indoor aquarium. You will fund IMAX Theater.

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