10 Best Hotels in London

10 Best Hotels in London
9 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Hotels in London

There are many things to do in London. From the historic Tower of London to the modern Coca-Cola London Eye, London can offer a lot to its visitors. If you are on vacation with the family, there are lots of kid-friendly places to visit in London.  Sealife London Aquarium, Science Museum, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, ZSL London Zoo are the major tourist attractions of London.

If you are with your partner, don't worry, romantic places await you and your partner. Well, while you are enjoying surprising places in London, make sure to get proper accommodation to enjoy your stay. Here are the ten best hotels to make your stay in London more memorable.

1. The Ritz London 

Source: The Ritz London

The services and facilities in this hotel are fabulous. Set in Piccadilly next to Green Park, The Ritz London, features bar, kids club, 24-hr rooms services, spa, fitness center, and a most excellent restaurant.

After you tried all these, make sure to book one of the comfortable rooms in this hotel. Each room is spacious and comes with a king-sized bed with lots of stocked amenities. The culinary highlights include The Ritz, a Michelin Star restaurant that serves the most delicate dish London has to offer.

2. The Goring 

Source: Agoda

Across the road from Buckingham Palace, lies the beautiful hotel in London, The Goring. Surrounded by the vast private garden, flower borders, and shrubbery, visitors will love the nature of this hotel, in the hectic city. After the trip from neighboring, guests can rest in hotel rooms. For the best experience, book one of the royal suites, which are glamorous yet provide a homely feeling.

On the services, The Goring hotel offers cocktails in each room after your arrival, which is quite overwhelming. Other features include a bar, restaurant, and room services. The Dining room at The Goring was awarded its first Michelin Star. And this restaurant won't let you down.

3. Gir Lion Lodge

Source: YouTube

Gir Lion Lodge is not just a hotel but a place where you spend the night at a London Zoo. Have you ever wondered what would feel like to spend the night at London Zoo? Then you are welcome to make your visit to Gir Lion Lodge. Located inside London Zoo Land of the Lions Exhibition, you can roam around the zoo at night and feed pygmy hippos, lion during their supper time.

The Gujarati theme hut provides more like the feeling of living far from London. You might wonder what these Lodge can offer to its guests. Well, while you visit here, don't ever try the swimming pool, which is strictly for penguins. A stay in a hotel turns into a tour after the sunset, which is guided by staff.

Guests can enjoy their stay with the most excellent restaurants. Terrace Restaurant serves juicy pot-roasted chicken, salty salsa verde, slow-roasted leg of Lamb, and even more with Bollywood music in the background.

4. Chiltern Firehouse

Source: Pinterest

A magnet for travelers, Chiltern Firehouse, offers polished services to its visitors. The Nymo Mendes Restaurants is the wizard when it comes to serving the most exceptional dish to its customers.

This very hotel is friendly to its guests, and they can feel relaxed in their stay. Rooms are well decorated and give classy experiences with their charming retro and stylish arts.

5. The Stafford London 

Source: Grand Luxury Hotels

The Stafford is a superb restaurant with its eccentric bar, most excellent restaurants, and its grandeur and history. The Stafford Hotel is on a quiet St James’s Place and only five minutes away from Green Park Tube Station. The Hotel provides the perfect hideaway for travelers who are seeking peace and privacy.

The Game Bird is a jewel in the crown with the enticing menu and classic dishes like Porthilly oysters, smoked salmon, horseradish spooned accouterments. The Game Bird serves heavenly food to its guests.

6. Flemings Mayfair 

Source: Booking.com

Since its establishment back in 1851, Flemings Mayfair has been giving topnotch competition to its competitors. Flemings Mayfair is very well located throughout Half Moon Street and Bond Street. After its renovation in recent years, this 90’s glitzy hotel has been replaced with a far more modern interior, which gives you intimate feelings.

Guests can enjoy facilities like restaurants, room services, bars, and restaurants. However, there is no spa nor any steam room, which is the downside of this hotel. But once you get in one of the rooms in Flemings Mayfair, you will feel more relaxed. The best one will be Courtyard suites, which are delightful and elegant.

7. Taj 52 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences

Source: Booking Rent Holidays

One of London’s hotels, Buckingham Gate and Residences is just six minutes walk from Green Park and St James's Park. Talking about the luxuriousness, this hotel is unrivaled. On the highlight, the services here are flawless. Facilities include three restaurants, a spa, a steam room, a gym, a lounge, and a business center. 

This hotel is provided with suites only, which are spacious and features a kitchen, comfortable beds, and lots of other luxurious amenities. This hotel is home to the best Indian Restaurants in London. Quilon, the restaurant gives the taste of both Asian and London dishes.

8. Sheraton Grand London Park Lane 

Source: Marriott

Sheraton Grand London Park Lane is a five-star hotel where guests can enjoy the pure luxury of a London Hotel. You can sleep in a bedchamber prickling with Twenties pizazz, drink cocktails in outré bar, and feast on most excellent restaurants.

This astonishing hotel is across Green Park and gives you a breathtaking view of narcissus flowers and maples trees from the upper floors. The most impressive side of this hotel is its services.

On the facilities, Sheraton Grand includes a gym, restaurant, room services, and most glamorous ballroom with chandeliers, spewing fountains. Guests can choose from 43 suites, which are well furnished and comes with minibars, Nespresso machines, and other amazing amenities.

9. Go Native Mayfair

Source: Booking.com

Go Native Mayfair, is one and two bedroomed apartments and 1890’s building. However, there are not many services in this hotel, but on the highlights, there are few restaurants. The Mount Street Deli is the best way to enjoy some of the most exquisite dishes.

This three-story building hotel has comfortable beds, and each room provides two bedrooms, spacious en-suite bathrooms, and a large sitting room. The Go Naive Mayfair is a perfect hotel for the backpack traveler and for those who are seeking for a budget vacation.

10. Hotel Cafe Royal 

Source: Hotels Combined

After the renovation in 2012, Hotel Cafe Royal is one of the modernized hotels in London. Set at the corner of Regent Street and Piccadilly Circus, Hotel Cafe Royal includes facilities like Bar, Laundry, Pool, parking, sauna, and a steam room. On the first floor, guests can enjoy heavenly food in a sushi restaurant.

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