10 Best Hotels in Hong Kong

10 Best Hotels in Hong Kong
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"10 Best Hotels in Hong Kong

Everyone deserves to have a great time when they are on vacation. With the most beautiful hotels, luxurious surroundings, most exquisite food, and the wine world have to offer, these ten hotels in Hong Kong will make you want to visit places at least once.

If you are wondering what the Hong Kong best hotels have, we have dug some finest hotels just for you.

Here is a list of 10 best hotels in Hong Kong for your honeymoon, corporate trip, family vacation, or a solo trip. Check these out.

1. The Upper house

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Located at the Pacific Place, Admiralty, The Upper House has a lot of things to offer for customers.

If you love art and design, you will soon love this hotel. You can quickly notice, most of the designs are organic, relying heavily on the natural materials.

2. The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong 

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Located near to International Commerce Centre, Yau Ma Tei, Ritz Cartoon Hotel is home to the world's Tallest bar.

The Ozone 103rd floor of this skyscraper is the corporate office of the lower offices.

From that height, the view of the entire city is majestic, and due to its location on the Kowloon side of the water, it shows you the breathtaking view of the whole skyline with the mountain peak.

Here, the hotel room is more attractive with its decorative style that reflects the class and luxury of a hotel.

Mostly on the furniture, showers, and bathtubs, Asprey amenities are used for furnishing.

Three restaurants, a 24-hour-dining room, an indoor pool, and a full-service spa will give its guests plenty of reason to love this hotel.

3. Landmark Mandarin Oriental

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Well, not all of our plans to have a vacation abroad, some of you might include meeting or any business plan, than other hotels will not do better than Landmark Mandarin Oriental.

Located in the heart of Queen Road Central, the business traveler will find this hotel ideally suited.

Rooms in this room are elegant and spacious, very well decorated with a Chinese aesthetic.

These rooms come with bathrooms included with big circular bathtub and walk –in-showers.

Apart from this, the hotel offers a full-service spa, a top-of-the-line fitness center, cocktail bar, an indoor pool, and a French Restaurant.

4. Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Source: Agoda

If you are a family person and loves to have a memorable vacation with family, then Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is a great place to visit.

For parents who have kids and want to spend a romantic day with proper care of their children, Grand Hyatt has a lot to offer.

Located in the Harbor Rd, Wan Chai Grand Hyatt provides a rooftop playground and swimming pool for kids.

They will be provided with staff stocks family rooms with the kid-sized slipper, kits, toothbrush, and other toys.

While you and your children get bored form this, this hotel can arrange to visit everyone's favorite and friendly sights Disney Hong Kong.

While their kids are busy, parents will love the full-service spa, fitness centers, and dinner at nearby restaurants.

On top of that, each room is provided with a Nespresso machine, the Handy Smartphone to make free international calls. Well, this won't get a lot better than this for a family man.

5. Four Seasons Hotel 

Source: Agoda

Located at Finance St, Central Hong Kong Four Seasons Hotel ensures a couple of experiences paradise while they stay in this hotel.

Walking into Four Season, with panoramic views with your partner gives you majestic moments and butterflies in your belly.

Modernist Fresh flowers all over the place, peaceful mood, mellow lightning will set the couple for a romantic atmosphere.

The hotel is a perfect art with a romantic room. With modern furniture and traditional touches, king-sized bed, red brocade pillow while you view the gorgeous mountain and view harbor from giant windows.

At night the couple can enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner at the Italian Restaurant Caprice.

If you and your partner are not interested in the romantic dinner, then feel free to try traditional Cantonese seafood at Lung King Heen.

6. The Park Lane Hong Kong

Source: Booking.com

The night is young, and so are we. Well, this ideally implies for the travelers who are seeking for the nighttime party and loud music to keep them all night up.

Located at the Causeway Bay, this hotel always has been an attraction for young travelers.

Other than another hotel, Skye Rooftop Bar puts this hotel on the top when it comes to party time.

With the sip of the cocktail, DJ trap music, the best view of the bay, stars on the sky, and with excited guests, you will surely nightlife of your time here.

If you do not like the rooftop party, then it's okay; you can zip over to the dance clubs in Lan Kwai Fong.

With all the hangover, you don't need to worry because this hotel room provides the best service for you.

High-quality sheets on the bed, comfy bed, and a clean color scene will try to run down your hangover.

After you are done with the hangover, we will be served with buffer at Play and playful small-plate cuisine. And you are ready for another party night.

7. The Peninsula Hong Kong

Source: Booking.com

Build back in 1928; Peninsula Hotel carries 90 years of Hong Kong History.

This includes close-up or personal moments like British surrender back in 1941, British Government Surrender, Battle of Hong king, and much more.

The only private helipad is located in this very hotel to transfer its VIP guest from the hotel to the airport.

Even though this hotel is still outfitted in its opulent 1920's glory architect and design, the rooms and bathrooms can be controlled with an electronic tablet.

Not only that, you can adjust the temperature, lighting, televisions, and even more.

On the other side, guests can enjoy their stay in the hotel with a spa, retails shops, indoor pool, designer shopping arcade, fitness center, and much more.

8. Hotel Icon

Source: Agoda

Designed by the celebrated architects Rocco Yim, William Lim, Terence Conar, Hotel icon will ensure guests stay one of the memorable moments of their lives.

With clean lines, muted neutral fabric furnishings, stylish and lavish natural wood, guests can feel the luxuriousness of this hotel.

Singapore Skyline and Victoria Harbor view are what people desire who comes to stay in the Hotel Icon. And this hotel will not let you down for this.

There is a complimentary minibar with snacks and minibar and Nespresso Machine.

Bathrooms are provided with a big bathtub next to large windows where we can gaze at the skyline.

Due to its location on the Kowloon District, on the side of Victoria Harbour, this hotel is quite than other hotels.

Well, if you are fond of the magnificent view, peace and spending some time in a luxurious place, Hotel Icon is the place to stay.

9. Kerry Hotel 

Source: Booking.com

If you stay in this hotel then surely, you will get breathtaking harbors. Located near the Victoria Harbour, every guest's rooms in this hotel features harbor views.

Guests are likely to be swept away by the looks of the Hong Kong Island skyline and Victoria Harbour.

The main attraction point of this hotel is the way it has designed its interior design.

Right after your visit, you can right away feel the luxuriousness of this hotel.

Other services of this hotel include e-concierge service and a complimentary minibar.

10. The Island Shangri-la

Source: Booking.com

The 56 stories urban sanctuary overlooking the city's most prestigious shopping cultural and business address.

On the fifty-sixth floor, you can immediately be shuttled with a marvelously panoramic view of Hong Kong.

Rooms, in this hotel, are elegant with stately furnishing carpet, and cherry woods.

Besides, there is a pool that gives you the vibe of peace and oasis.

A gorgeous spa room serves treatments of facials to full-body massages.

On the dining part, eight restaurants make sure you have lots of choices for your appetite.

Michelin starred Summer Palace is a magnificent place to indulge in some of the finest Cantonese cuisines you can find.

The elegant dining options continue with French perfection in the form of Petrus.

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