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10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in UK
8 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in UK

What do you think makes a perfect honeymoon? Is it the kiss on the beach during the sunset? Or candlelight dinner? Or maybe it is doing stuff or going on adventures? All these play an essential role in magnifying the romance, but the most important thing is love.  
A dreamlike honeymoon must reflect who you are as a lover or as newlyweds. Celebrating your honeymoon when you have sincere appreciation is flawless on its own. You just need to choose a location.
For your perfect honeymoon, the UK offers all romance magnifiers above, along with an ideal place according to your choice and time. Couples can experience various activities and spend quality time with their partners while enjoying romantic destinations of UK.
If you are planning for a honeymoon in the UK, here are the top 10 best romantic honeymoon destinations in the UK, along with things to do in the UK during the visit.

1. Cornwall

Source: Country Life
With over 300 miles of spectacular coastline full of hidden beauties, Cornwall is one of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations in the UK. Along with its sandy beaches, it also provides a spectacular view as the sun kisses the clear blue water that extends up to the horizon, which will make every couple fall in love with this place.
For some more romantic time, couples can go for a candlelight dinner in award-winning restaurants and enjoy a selection of fresh seafood along with the jaw-dropping view of the sun as it hides under the sea. Furthermore, if you are feeling adventurous, take a surfing lesson and ride the waves together.
The best time to visit Cornwall in June or September.

2. Edinburgh

Source: Mansion Global
Think honeymoon can’t be romantic in cities? You won’t be thinking that after you go for a honeymoon in Edinburgh, one of the most astonishing cities in Europe.
Offering vibrant nightlife, mind-blowing arts, and lively music culture, it has been able to capture the heart of many newlyweds, and you won’t be an exception. For some romance, take a stroll around famous shopping areas like Victoria Street or Grassmarket or enjoy the romantic afternoon tea in Edinburgh Castle along with a panoramic view of the city.
Likewise, go far a romantic dinner with your partner and end the day with some whiskey in front of a crackling fire.
For your best time, visit Edinburgh from June to August.

3. Isles of Scilly

Source: Hard Luggage Only
You know how amazing it is to spend time with your lover on an island. But imagine how romantic it is when the island is less crowded, unspoiled, and offers spectacular views? That’s what we are talking about, Isles of Scilly.
With five inhabited islands, it is undoubtedly one of the most romantic destinations for you to enjoy your honeymoon. To create a spark of love with your partner, spend some time to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the sunset and wait until dark to uncover the sparkling display of stars and Milky Way.
For adventurous couples, enjoy the breathtaking view of Atlantic storms as it crashes against rocks or goes for wild sea swimming.
The best time to visit the Isles of Scilly and make romantic memories is from May to September.

4. Lake District

Source: Get Your Guide
When we talk about scenery and loving environment, Lake District takes it to a whole another level with its jaw-dropping beauty and romantic moments.
Recently awarded as World Heritage status by UNESCO, Lake District, the most significant national park is one of the most romantic destinations in the UK.
Have you ever dreamt of rowing a boat and exploring the sparkling the water alone with your love? This place is going to make that come true.
In addition to this, you can also go to the High Sweden Bridge, which is a must-visit place for couples. Likewise, you can call it a day after having a lovely candlelight dinner and ship of booze in front of the roaring fire.
To make your trip divine and romantic, visit Lake District in January/February for winter and March/April for spring.

5. Scottish Highlands

Source: Hard Luggage Only
If you find an epic landscape of magnificent mountains, its image on the still surface of lochs along with unspoiled coastline and majestic waterfalls romantic, then the Scottish Highlands is the place for you.
Far from the bustling city, this quiet and calm place will give you and your partner an excellent time for romance and to plan for your future ahead.
To fall for your love again, get on the cruise on Loch Lomond and enjoy champagne together as you get drowned in each other’s eyes. Also, you can go for a romantic candlelight dinner.
Not only chilled honeymoon but if you are adventurous, go for horse riding, mountain biking, or indulge in water sports like rafting and sailing.
To experience the romantic aura of Scottish Highlands at its prime, the ideal time to visit is from June to August.

6. The Cotswolds

Source: No Man Before
Named as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Cotswolds is an ideal haven for your honeymoon. With rolling hills surrounding chocolate-box villages and attractive flower meadows, it steals the heart of many newlyweds.
Along with its natural beauty, it is also a foodie’s paradise, which will provide you and your lover a lovely candlelight dinner and refreshing booze to relax.
More importantly, the most romantic thing to do in Cotswolds is to hire a car and drive along the romantic road passing beautiful hill villages, including Bourton-on-the-water, aka ‘Venice of the Cotswolds.’ Also, you can visit Broadway Tower to appreciate the jaw-dropping view from the top.  
The best time to visit Cotswolds is in September.

7. Devon

Source: Visit South Devon
Endless natural landscapes with breathtaking scenery, two magnificent coastlines, and natural parks combine to provide you a lovely romantic atmosphere that you can feel if you visit Devon.
Furthermore, offering five Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and cozy pubs and award-winning restaurants make it a perfect destination for your honeymoon.
Besides these, to create some unforgettable memory with your loved one, go to the Croyde Bay to capture the picturesque view of the sunset.  Also, enjoy surfing the way with each other or have some refreshing in a local pub around roaring fire and call it a day by getting cozy in bed with one another.
The best time to visit Devon from March to May.

8. Northumberland

Source: Wikipedia
As an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Northumberland is one of the best honeymoon destinations for newlyweds. With its spectacular coastline, stunning landscapes, and brilliant vistas, it will steal your heart away.
For chilled honeymoon and special moments with your love, enjoy the jaw-dropping view as the sun drowns into the ocean, and lie down together and gaze in the sky to the sparkling stars.
Also, make sure to catch the sunrise as the dawn breaks and kisses the beach. Besides these, if you are adventurous, hire a bike and take a ride together to Kielder Water and Forest Park.
For the best memory, the ideal time to visit Northumberland is from March to May.

9. Snowdonia

Source: Tripsavvy
If you are an adventure-seeking couple, pack your bags, pull on your hiking boots and head on to Snowdonia for your adventurous honeymoon. Featuring vast Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, magnificent nine mountainous landscapes of Welish is ready to be taken down by hikers, climbers, and cyclists.
For some romantic with your partner, go for a pleasant stroll around the river gorges or take a lovely bath in a waterfall together. Besides these, try out delicious pub lunch on Welsh rarebit, the most beautiful cheese on toast in the world. Furthermore, you can also go for a late dinner and end the day with a relaxing drink.
The best time to visit Snowdonia is from June to August. 

10. Pembrokeshire

Source: Independent cottage
Offering spectacular coastline, award-winning sandy beaches, and glorious Victorian seaside towns, Pembrokeshire is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations in the UK.
Romantic cliff-top walk with a jaw-dropping view of the sea and panoramic view of the sunset make couples to lose their mind over it. To have special moments with one another, go for a lovely candlelight dinner in an award-winning restaurant, or enjoy couples spa treatment together.
Furthermore, you can visit some attractions like 111 years old lighthouse, St. Bride’s Bay or hop on a boat and take a tour to other islands. 
The best time to visit Pembrokeshire is from July to September.
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