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Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Scotland
24 December, 2019 0 Comments

"Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Scotland

Scotland may not be the first place that pops on your head when you think about a romantic honeymoon with your love, but it has a lot more to offer than you can imagine. For a thrilling adventure, you can go hiking, diving, or mountain biking. Besides these, you can also taste amazing local food or appreciate the music and street dance.

In addition to all these, experience the sandy beaches and coastline with marvelous views visit the country’s top attraction. If you intend to visit this fulfilled country, Scotland, here are the 10 best honeymoon destinations in Scotland.

1. Edinburgh

Source: Discogs Blog

Want to have a romantic honeymoon in a city full of attraction rather than the countryside? Grab your stuff and head to Edinburgh, one of the most surprisingly beautiful cities in Europe.

With a jaw-dropping view of the city from Edinburgh Castle and the lively and unique culture, couples will find it hard not to visit this place again, and for sure you will too.

As for your romantic honeymoon with your love, take a stroll around the city to Edinburgh Castle and don’t miss the crown on display or go for a little shopping around the lively town. Also, head to Arthur’s Seat and enjoy the view of the sunset while you are in each other arms.

The best time to visit Edinburgh from June to August.

2. Glenfinnan, Highlands

Source: Discovering Britain

You know about the Hogwarts Express from the Harry Potter movie, right? That’s the train and place we’re talking about. How lovely will it be when you ride on the Hogwarts Express with your love?

If you want to know, then spend your honeymoon in Glenfinnan. Along with its natural beauty, romantic atmosphere, and the train, it has been able to attract many couples.

For some lovely time with one another, take a romantic stroll to Glenfinnan Viaduct, Monument, Museum, and Church. Likewise, you can also go for a romantic dinner with your partner and make some ships of booze and get cozy in your room with your sweetheart.

The ideal time to visit Glenfinnan is from June to August.

3. Glencoe

Source: Earth Trekkers

Once you visit the beautiful city of Glencoe, you will be like, “Oh! I have seen this place somewhere from somewhere.” And you will be right because it was shown in the movie “James Bond.”

Along with that and the immeasurable beauty, it is one of the most romantic destinations for honeymoon. Considered to be the walker’s paradise, it offers you with waterfalls, mountains, and lochs where you can take pictures with your love.

Similarly, you can go for mountain bike, ski, and snowboard or go for a hike to Biadean Nam Bian, one of the highest peaks. Once you complete this hard trek, the booze you drink together before getting cozy in bed will be more satisfying.

For the best experience, the best time to visit Glencoe is from April to June. 

4. Isle of Lewis

Source: The Wandering Lens

Filled with stunning coastline, long unspoiled beaches, and clear beaches, Isle of Lewis is one of the most beautiful islands of Scotland. Taking a position on the northern side, you will not be bothered by a large number of tourists, which makes it even more romantic honeymoon destination.

From relaxing in the beach to enjoying a jaw-dropping view of sunset together and diving in the water to sailing across the sea to other islands, there is romance everywhere.

Furthermore, you can also visit the Calanais Standing Stones. For some more memory, enjoy a fantastic dinner together and try out local booze before calling it a day.

For the best experience, visit Isle of Lewis from late April to late June.

5. Loch Lomond

Source: Must-See Scotland

Located in southern Scotland, Loch Lomond is one of the romantic honeymoon destinations. With its ideal location from where you can enjoy the beautiful national park and highlands along with lochs, couples lose their minds over this place.

To have some romantic time with your partner, you can visit the neighboring marvelous Luss village and enjoy a lovely dinner or go for wild camping.

Furthermore, for some adventure, go for kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, or river sledding. Besides all these, the most romantic thing for you to do in Loch Lomond is hopping on a steamship and adoring the views as you toast your drinks for your happy life ahead.

To create romantic memory in Loch Lomond, May to June is the best time to visit.

6. Perth

Source: Caledonian Sleeper

You might know about the Perth in Australia, but that’s not what we’re talking about. We are talking about Perth in Scotland, a hidden gem situated in the bank of River Tay.

Taking the position between two splendid parks and elegant Georgian townhouses, it is easily approachable and offers a perfect honeymoon. To have some lovely experience in this town, you can take a romantic stroll around and appreciate marvelous monuments, fantastic art galleries, and a brilliant museum that takes you back in time.

Also, go shopping together in the bustling weekend market and shopping areas. Then, end your day with a romantic dinner and some booze from nearby restaurants.

To experience the beauty of Perth in its prime, September to November is the best time to visit.

7. Isle of Skye

Source: The Natural Adventure Company

The Isle of Skye is one of the most romantic and beautiful destinations in Scotland to spend your honeymoon. With its rolling hills, marvelous waterfalls, and white sandy beaches, it will make you lose your heart immediately.

For some romantic experience, you can stay in Portree, which boasts stylish restaurants for a lovely candlelight dinner. Or, visit brilliant landmarks like Fairy Glen and the Old Man of Stor.

Similarly, you can also go for a lovely picnic with your love on the beaches and enjoy the scenery together.

For your best experience, the ideal time to visit the Isle of Skye is from May to September.

8. Caithness

Source: Scotland

With the mesmerizing view of the Northern lights and white sandy beaches disappearing into the clear blue water, Caithness is one of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations in Scotland.

Along with that, beautiful scenery of highlands and Smoo Cave attracts many newlyweds who like an adventure. But, if you want a relaxing honeymoon, take a romantic stroll to castles and garden and museum or enjoy a romantic dinner in the famous Captain’s Gallery with fresh seafood.

Likewise, Dunnet Head is also a must-visit from where you can enjoy jaw-dropping beauty.

The best time to visit Caithness is from December to February.

9. Isle of Islay

Source: Love From Scotland

Want to spend some lovely time with your love before reaching the destination, take a romantic ferry ride to reach the “The Queen of Hebrides,” Isle of Islay.  
Whether it’s because of refreshing whiskey or the island’s unique landscape and scenery or brilliant culture with friendly locals, couples fall in love with this place once they visit.

To uncover the real romantic vibe of Islay, have some fun in the beaches or visit the lighthouse at Carraig Fhada to spot dolphins. In addition to that, you can head to Bowmore, the capital to enjoy a romantic dinner and try out the whiskey.

There are nine of them, so you will need some time to try all out. Furthermore, you can also check out the village of port ellen and Mull of Oa.

The best time to visit the Isle of Islay is from April to October.

10. Dumfries and Galloway

Source: Brightwater Holidays

Do you and your partner like adventurous like hiking? Or maybe you want to fly through the trails on a mountain bike? If yes, pack your bags and head to Dumfries and Galloway for your honeymoon.

Along with adventure, it also has fascinating cultures that make couples go mad over this place. Besides that, you can enjoy the jaw-dropping view of the night sky filled with sparkling stars in the night from the Galloway Forest Park.

Do you think it would be better if it had a beach? You got it. With stunning rocky coastline and sandy beaches that dissolves into the clear blue water, your honeymoon would be even better. Not enough? Take your love’s hand and go for yachting or windsurfing to have some more fun.

The best time to visit Dumfries and Galloway is from June to September.

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