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10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Portugal
23 December, 2019 0 Comments

"10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Portugal

Portugal, the city with a rich history and culture, is one of the most beautiful towns and romantic destinations for a honeymoon. Filled with marvelous palaces, iconic historical monuments, and amazing parks, it attracts lots of newlyweds.
Furthermore, vibrant nightlife and jaw-dropping beauty of the beach makes couples to revisit Portugal again and again. Besides all these, it also offers a lot of romantic things to do for couples like a romantic trip on a cruise boat, view of the sunset and sunrise through the horizon to make them fall in love with this place.
If you are planning your honeymoon in the city of history, here are the 10 best honeymoon destinations in Portugal. 

1. Porto

Source: Yoga, Wine, and Travel

Your honeymoon in Portugal must include the coastal town, Porto, home to world-renowned port wine and the Douro River. With its blistering nightlife and iconic historical monuments, it has been able to win the heart of many newlyweds.
For fall in love with your darling again, you can take a romantic stroll around the city together that provides old-world nostalgia or go for incredible wine tasting at the wine house. However, to end each day with a charming vibe, couples can have a romantic dinner with the breathtaking view of sunset in the Douro River.
To take the best memory, the most romantic time to visit Porto is from May to September.

2. Lisbon

Source: APL Abord

The collection of romantic destinations in Portugal would be incomplete without talking about the capital, Lisbon, that offers so much to newlyweds.
With the fantastic view of sun kissing the beaches, vibrant nightlife, and marvelous fado music, it has been able to melt the hearts of many couples.
Romantic Candlelight dinner with lively fado music and local cuisine, a boat ride on the Tagus River, or enjoying the view of the sunset from Miradouro together are sure to bloom the romance between couples. Besides all this, you can also wander the city and visit high hills and castles and fascinating museums.
For the best romantic experience, the best time to visit Lisbon is from March to May and September to October.

3. Sao Miguel Island

Source: Britannica

Sao Miguel Island is the gem of Portugal, without a doubt, one of the most romantic destinations for honeymoon. Because of its breathtaking sandy beaches and clear tortoise water, lush green, and crystalline lakes hills, it has been able to capture the heart of many couples.
To fall for your darling again, you can go on a dolphin and whale watching tour or go hiking to visit kissing lakes (Blue and Green Lakes). Besides all these, nothing compares to that romantic moment when you dip in the natural thermal springs with your darling.
To make the most romantic memory in Sao Miguel Island, the best time to visit this island is from May to September.

4. Faro

Source: The Algarve

Offering a calm and breezy atmosphere, Faro might be the best destination in Portugal for couples. With a small beautiful village, Estoi nearby that offers pink tiled Palace and Ancient Roman ruins, it attracts a lot of newlyweds.
To make your time on this island more romantic with your sweetheart, you can take a boat trip to the isolated nude island, Ilha Deserta, or lodge on the sand along with the endless view of the sea.
Furthermore, if that much romance is not enough, you can also visit near Benagil Cave or enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunset as you hold each other hands.
The ideal time to visit Faro for the best experience is from April to June.

5. Tavira

Source: Pousadas of Portugal

The beautiful and historic resort town in the east of Faro, Tavira, offers both Old towns with rich past and white sandy beaches at the Ilha de Tavira for romance.
Despite being a resort town, it is ordinarily free from overbearing visitors, which makes it a perfect location for your honeymoon. To spend some alone time with your lover, you can take a romantic arm in arm stroll together to the Gilao River as you talk about your future together.
As for your lovely evening, head to the beach and enjoy romantic dinner along with white wine with one another as the sun hides under the ocean. 
To enjoy the beauty of Tavira in its prime, the best duration to visit is from June until August.

6. Setubal

Source: Eikipedia

One of the most beautiful hidden gems in Portugal perfect for nature-loving honeymooners is Setubal. Set in a cradle between the Arrabida mountains and Sado Estuary, it is in the ideal location to offer cliffside hiking experience to couples.
Besides that, to make your time memorable in Setubal with your significant other, you can go swimming together or enjoy a marvelous candlelight dinner along with the view of the sunset. If that’s not enough for you, catch a ferry and visit Troia Peninsula, another lovely spot for romance.
For the best experience, the ideal duration to visit Setubal is from May until October.

7. Sintra

Source: Kida and Compass

As for the views, not many cities in Portugal or even the world has as many jaw-dropping sights as Sintra. Filled with castles and palaces, vibrant night and sandy beaches that dissolves clear blue water, it has been able to attract lots of newlyweds.
For some romantic experience, you can take a romantic stroll to the city or enjoy candlelight dinner with local cuisine and refreshing drinks. Furthermore, you can also wander through the green paradise of the Sintra Mountains or visit Pena Palace together for some alone time with one another.
The best time to visit Sintra is from April to October.

8. Vilamoura

Source: TripAdvisor

Offering a glimpse of Portugal's culture and luxurious honeymoon at the same time, Vilamoura, one of the most amazing destinations in Portugal.  With a view of sun kissing the white sandy beaches and him clear blue sea that extends up to the horizon, it is sure never to disappoint newlyweds.
Whether you decide to spend some time in the hotel together or walk through Faro’s Old Town for some cultural taste, you will have an incredible time with your sweetheart.
Furthermore, to make your evening magical, you can go on a romantic date like dinner with your lover to get a taste of Vilamoura’s local cuisine.
To make the best experience in Vilamoura, the best time duration to visit is from April to June.

9. Salema

Source: Your Algarve Holidays Guide

Salema is one of the most delightful destinations for honeymoon in Portugal. From luxurious resorts to breathtaking views and unusual things to do, it has been providing romantic experiences to lots of newlyweds.
For some romantic time with your significant other, you can take a hand in hand stroll around the city or enjoy bathing and soaking together on the coast. Furthermore, if you are feeling adventurous, go for a day trip to Costa Vicentina National Park or go kayaking with your partner.
For the best experience, the ideal time to visit Salema is from June to October.\

10. Madeira

Source: P&O Cruises

Madeira is one of the most beautiful and romantic destinations in Portugal with four sun-soaked islands. Suitable for spring, summer, and fall, couples get easily attracted and never has it ever disappointed anyone.
To make a romantic memory, you can go for a picnic in Sao Lourenco Natural Reserve or hake through the Laurissilva forest, which is packed with serene waterfalls and valley.
Now, what could be more romantic than enjoying a bath in the waterfalls? If you want, even more, go for a candlelight dinner in the evening and enjoy the jaw-dropping beauty of sunset before you get cozy in your room.
The best time to visit Madeira is from April to November.

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