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10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Philippines
8 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Philippines

The Philippines is an island country located in Southeast Asia situated in the western Pacific regions. Known for its biodiversity as the main attraction of tourists, its beaches, monuments, mountains, rainforests, are among the country’s popular destinations.

Despite being a small country, there are many beautiful tourist destinations in the Philippines. There are many romantic places in the Philippines which attracts many tourists.

Couples can experience various activities and spend quality time with their partners while enjoying romantic destinations of the Philippines. If you are planning for a honeymoon in the Philippines, here are the top 10 best romantic honeymoon destinations in the Philippines along with things to do in the Philippines during the visit.

1. Boracay Island

Source: Lonely Planet

One of the top honeymoon destinations, as well as the best island in the world, Boracay Island is famous for its crystal clear waters, unspoiled beaches, and a romantic setup.

The Celebes Sea surrounds it in the south, the South China Sea to the West, and the Philippine Sea toward the east. There are many luxuries to budget honeymoon resorts in Boracay.

One can have a very chilled life in Boracay. Also, there are many activities that couples can enjoy and become closer to each other. Activities like horseriding on the beach, parasailing above the water. Also, couples can take a helicopter ride for the tour of the island.

The best time to visit Boracay Island is during November or after the wet season ends.

2. Bohol Island

Source: Pinterest

With a wholly tranquil and silent beach, Bohol is one of the large islands in the Philippines. Alona Beach, located in Panglao, which is connected to Bohol by the beach, is a perfect place for couples to hang out and have a romantic time spent.

It is one of the most remarkable and budget honeymoon destinations in the Philippines with a white sand beach, clear shallow water, and brown mountains.

Couples can rent a bike and ride around the island for a stunning view of the village and exotic local items. A boat ride to Balicasag and the Virgin Islands is one of the highlights in Bohol.

Moreover, couples can also take a walk on the beach and lie down in white sand cuddling and spending a romantic time with each other.

The best time to visit Elefante Island is from March to May.

3. Palawan Island

Source: The Crazy Tourist

Palawan Island, aka “the last frontier,” the Palawan Island, is an attractive place in the Philippines hidden in the mountains. It is one of the most secret and best honeymoon destinations in the Philippines. El Nido, located in the northern part of Palawan, is a perfect spot to look at lagoons and coral reefs.

Many water activities, including swimming, windsurfing, paddleboarding, and diving, can be done in Palawan Island.  However, Palawan is a quiet town, so there is not anything to explore when night comes.

Palawan is especially for those couples who love to explore marine life in the day and spend the night in each other’s loving company. 

The best time to visit Palawan Island is during November or after the wet season ends.

4. Coron

Source: Get Your Guide

Coron is the hidden treasure of the Philippines and one of the best places to visit in your honeymoon. Coron is a beautiful place located in the quiet environment of the nation. Lake Kayangan and Lake Barracuda are prime attractions of the island, which’s scene will leave you speechless.

Couples can enjoy a short trek across the rainforest and have a chilling time on Dimakya, the island. Moreover, visitors can also take a tour of coral gardens and a calming dip at Maquinit Hot Spring.

Couples can also have a romantic time enjoying a breathtaking view of the lakes holding each other in arms.

The best time to visit Coron is between February and May.

5. Subic Bay

Source: Trip Advisor

Subic Bay is situated on the western coast of Luzon Island. It is one of the most exciting and fun-filled vacations, as well as honeymoon spots in the Philippines. The bay is famous for its deep blue and protected water. You can also take a tour of Pamulaklakin Forest Trail for a memorable experience.

Cliff dive at El Kabayo Waterfalls and playing with dolphins are fun things to do. Moreover, visitors can enjoy tiger safari in the Zoobic Safari Adventure Park.

Couples can swim in the sea with their partner for some romantic experience. If the visitors are lucky, they can encounter some magnificent sea creatures while swimming.

The best time to visit Subic bay is between March and May.

6. Elephant Island

Source: Lonely Planet

Elefante Island offers you the most attractive and gorgeous location and also provides you with delicious dishes to keep you happy. It is quite the best place for couples celebrating their honeymoon. The island offers you everything to make your honeymoon a good and memorable one.

Visitors can involve in various adventurous activities like kayaking., windsurfing, and Hobie cat sailing. Also, couples can have a great romantic time at private cruising, movie screening, or couple’s massage.
In addition, couples can go for a ride around the island in a jet-ski and enjoy some particular time together.

The best time to visit Elefante Island is from March to May.

7. Sagada

Source: Trip Zilla

Sagada is a very romantic and excellent destination for couples who plan for outdoor activities and want to involve in nature. Sumaguing Cave, Echo Valley, and Mt. Kite Plan are some of the must-visit places while staying in Sagada. It is a place that is covered in greenery and is a hiker’s delight.

Couples can go hiking to Bomod-ok Falls, which has a natural swimming pool. Couples can have a great romantic time spending some private time in the lap of nature, arising a great attraction between each other.

For a great experience, the best time to visit Sagada is from November to February.

8. Cebu 

Source: Trip Advisor

Cebu is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the Philippines, which offers a mixture of the island as well as island life. Likewise, Visitors can also enjoy some of the best cuisines in the country. Many places in Cebu are developed for tourism that provides various luxurious and budget accommodation.

There are some great restaurants for couples with impressive viewpoints providing a place for a beautiful romantic dinner. Moreover, couples can also take a walk at the beaches or swim in the deep blue seawater enjoying marine life in the reefs.

The best time to visit Cebu is from March to May.

9. Banaue

Source: Britannica

Banaue is a hill station famous for beautiful views of rice field terrace, which was created by indigenous tribes many years ago. It is a dream destination for nature-loving couples.
This place has been recently discovered; therefore, there is no luxury hotel. Some hostels are owned by the locals, which provide you great hospitality.

Banaue is a great place to experience the local culture of the Philippines. Couples can go through village walks and the green paddy field, holding each other's hands for a romantic experience. In addition, those couples who seek adventure can go hiking around the mountains.

The best time to visit Banaue is during March and April.

10. Batanes

Source: The Crazy Tourist

Batanes is not so common choice for travelers, but if you visit this place, you are sure to be delighted by the view of this place. Situated in the northernmost part of the Philippines, it is a perfect destination for those couples who like to spend some particular time and go on some unexplored parts. Batanes are made up of 10 islands, all of which are formed from a volcanic eruption.

The landscapes in this place are like in the dream with many viewpoints for delightful views of the mountain, sky, and the sea.

Couples are sure to have a wonderful time with each other exploring the wonders of this place. With vast meadow and staggering peaks, couples will surely find this trip a memorable one and different from other places.

The best time to visit Batanes is late February to mid-April.

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