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Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Norway
24 December, 2019 0 Comments

"Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Norway

You’ve heard about Norway., right? You might know it as the land where we can see the sun at midnight. Or, you might also know that the northern lights appear in its sky. That’s true. But it has a lot more to offer than that.

From Fjords to mountains and bustling cities to calm villages, it is one of the most beautiful places in Europe or the world. Besides these, it is also a country with technical superiority but hasn’t lost its cultural values yet. And, that makes it even more special.

In addition to that, couples can indulge in numerous romantic and adventurous activities and take some exceptional memory with their partners while appreciating the breathtaking beauty of Norway. If you intend to spend your romantic honeymoon in Norway, here are the top 10 best romantic destinations along with things to do in Norway.

1. Oslo

Source: European Best Destinations

Surrounded by majestic mountains and clear endless seas with untamed natural beauty, Oslo is definitely of the best honeymoon destination in Norway. Along with beauty, lively culture, and vibrant city nightlife make it even lovelier and perfect for a honeymoon.

To make your time in Oslo exceptional, go for a romantic city stroll with your love and experience some Norwegian culture. Or spend some time in an overwhelming green park. If you are adventurous, go skiing slopes which are near to the city. Also, don’t miss the cuisine in this Culinary capital.

The best time to take a trip to Oslo is from May to August.

2. Geirangerfjord

Source: Fjord Tours

If you are a nature-loving couple and some adventure in your honeymoon, you will be impressed with the beauty and activities offered by Geriangerjford.

With its snowcapped mountains, roaring waterfalls, and unique nature and culture, it is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Norway. To bloom the romance with your love, go for a soothing bath in one of the waterfalls which offer a breathtaking view of changing rainbows.

Or, if your partner is up for it, go hiking or kayaking. Moreover, you can also experience cycling, fishing, and rafting.

For the best experience, the ideal time to visit Geirangerfjord is from June to August.

3. Lofoten Islands

Source: Life Gate

Visit Lofoten Islands once, and you will never be able to forget the memories you create here with your love. The majestic rolling hills, sandy beaches, and blue water extending up to the horizon make Lofoten one of the most romantic destinations in Norway.

To make your trip to Lofoten even more beautiful, follow the E10 road with your love, which ranges from tip to toe of islands or take a romantic bath in the beaches.
Besides that, you can also take a romantic stroll on the isle, which offers the view of the Arctic lights in galleries. Likewise, spend some of your time going through the picturesque villages.

The best time to visit Lofoten Islands is December and January. 

4. Bergen

Source: Visit Norway

With the marvelous view of seven hills and seven fjords, Bergen is a bustling city and one of the most romantic destinations for honeymoon in Norway. Besides that, the historical places and vibrant nightlife make Bergen even for beautiful and memorable for couples.

For some unique experience, go for a hike to the clapperboard houses in the hills or hop on a ferry to explore fjords with your partner. Along with that, you can also check out the iconic historical wooden Buildings of Bryggen or discover fine arts in museums.

The best time to visit Bergen is from May and September.

5. Trondheim

Source: Life in Norway

For those couples who want to explore the wilderness outside of the city’s outskirts, Trondheim is the perfect place.  Adding to the beauty are its brilliant warehouses, forested hills, waterways, and bustling nightlife, which make it more memorable for couples.

The full streets filled with cafes, restaurants, and stores make it perfect for couples to take a romantic stroll holding hands. Likewise, couples can also hop on a boat and explore the waterways.

Besides these, visiting different museums to experience Norwegian history and the famous Gothic cathedral can also be an exceptional experience for couples.

To take the most out of your trip from Trondheim, the best time to visit Trondheim is from June to September. 

6. Troms

Source: Tover

You’ve heard about the northern lights, right? Perhaps, you’ve seen it in a picture. If you want to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of northern lights while having a romantic honeymoon, Troms is the place for you. Besides northern lights, a vibrant nightlife and a range of outdoor activities make your honeymoon in Troms even more special.

For some romantic moments with your love, indulge in adventurous activities like hiking, kayaking, fishing, dog sledding, or whale safaris. Besides that, you can also experience the midnight sun with your partner if you are here around May. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?

To create some exceptional memories in Troms, February to March is the best time to visit Troms.

7. Kristiansand

Source: Pinterest

The charming town of Kristiansand, along with stunning town beach and flash marina, is a romantic honeymoon destination. Adding to its beauty, Kristiansand also offers a vibrant nightlife and lively culture where couples can enjoy some time together.

For some adventure with your love, take a ride in a steam engine train or wander around the town in the shopping areas. Besides these, you can also visit the town’s museums, galleries, and exhibitions or experience local culture and events. Don’t forget to try out local food with your partner.

The best time to visit Kristiansand is between June and September. 

8. Bodo

Source: Turkish Airlines

If you want to see the marvelous Northern Lights or the midnight sun, but want to get to the destination with a long romantic train ride with your love, Bodo is the place for you.

Along with the breathtaking view of the rugged peaks and vast skies, it is also a jumping point to get to the beautiful Lofoten Islands.

You can also engulf yourself in the beautiful street arts that are scattered around the city or take a nice romantic walk to the Bodo City Center with your partner.
Besides that, you can also check out the beautiful harbor or go to Kjerringoy, which offers white sandy beaches and alpine landscapes.

For the best experience, the ideal time to visit Bodo is from Mid-July to Mid-August. 

9. Lillehammer

Source: Trip Savvy

The popular Norwegian ski resort, Lillehammer, is a beautiful town lying at the end of lake Mjosa with various amazing sights. The lush forests, farms, and hills surround the town, which makes it even lovelier.

If you are an adventurous couple and like winter sports, go for alpine skiing or bike down the in Hafjell. Moreover, you can also experience rafting in Sjoa.

Besides these, if you want some time alone with your love, take a romantic stroll to the museums or take a trip to Peer Gynt’s kingdom.

The best time to visit Lillehammer is from June to August.

10. Flam

Source: Eurail Blog

Set beside Sognefjord, Flam is a tiny yet spectacular village with the majestic view of sky-touching peaks and untamed natural beauty. Along with the natural beauty, Flam provides couples an experience of local Norwegian life, which makes it one of the best honeymoon destinations in Norway.

For some romantic experience, take a romantic walk around the village, having a chat with the friendly locals who are very interested to hear your story. You can also try out the local food in the village with your partner. The main attraction of Flam is the brilliant mountain railway that goes up to the peaks.

For the best experience, the ideal time to visit Flam is from May to September. 

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