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Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Nepal
24 December, 2019 0 Comments

"Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Nepal

Nepal is a country situated in South Asia, lying on the vast Himalayan region. Besides being a landlocked country located between India and China, it has a diverse geography area with fertile plains, hills, and the mountains. Nepal is famous for its natural beauty. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the best places for couples to spend their honeymoon time. 

If you are planning to visit Nepal for your honeymoon, here are 10 best honeymoon destinations in Nepal.

1. Kathmandu

Source: Global Adventure Trekking

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, located in the central part of the country. An incredibly diverse and historic city with breathtaking Newari Culture, and centuries-old Buddhist and Hindu religious sites with tourist-friendly accommodation an restaurant. Stepping into Kathmandu is like being in another world that everyone should experience once in a lifetime.

There are many places in Kathmandu where you can take breathtaking views of the city and spend some quality time with your partner. Various food option like Newari dishes, Thakali dishes, and many other international dishes is available in the Kathmandu. 

Travelers can do city tour hiring guides that are experts with the information. Pashupatinath, Bouddhanath, Basantapur, and Swayambhunath are some famous attractions in the hotel.

Kathamndu can be visited throughout the year.

2. Pokhara

Source: And Beyond

Pokhara is also known as the city of lakes, is the capital of Gandaki Province of Nepal. Pokhara is one of the most famous and romantic destinations to visit in Nepal.
With a tranquil atmosphere and beautiful countryside, Pokhara attracts many tourists. Many mountain ranges are visible from Pokhara, including Machhapuchre and Annapurna Himalayan range.

Tourists can boat in the lake, enjoying a magnificent view of Himalayan ranges and countryside. A great view of the Pokhara valley is visible from World Peace Pagoda.

Adventures like zip flying, paragliding, bunjy jumping, sky diving, and ultra-lite flight are significant attractions in Pokhara. The starting point of the trek to Tilicho, Annapurna Base Camp, and many other trails in Pokhara.

Travelers can visit Pokhara any time a year except June to August.

3. Chitwan

Source: Exodus Travels

Chitwan is the fourth largest city in Nepal, situated in the southwestern part of Province 3. Chitwan is an Inner terai valley located in between Mahabharat and Siwalik ranges. The town is famous for wildlife activities. Elephant polo, the sport played only in Nepal, is organized in this City. 

Tharu people mostly dwell Chitwan. People can experience a Tharu culture while staying in the city. Every night a Tharu Cultural program is organized in Sauraha.

Travelers can enjoy jungle safari by elephant or jeep. Couples can enjoy a beautiful sunset view and spend some quality time in the banks of Narayani River.

Mostly, visitors visit this place in between August and September. 

4. Bandipur

Source: Lonely Planet

Bandipur is a hilltop city and municipality of Tanahun district located in the central part of the country. Because of the old-time cultural atmosphere, many tourists are attracted to this city.

Mostly dwelled by Newari people, the city is famous for its culture and tradition. The town is 1030m above sea level and 80km east to Pokhara.

Bandipur’s elevation provides an excellent view of the Himalayas and Marshyangdi valley. Tourists can enjoy a trek to Sidda Cave or Ramkot Village.

Couples can have a great time in the beautiful atmosphere of Bandipur being in each other arms. The people in this area are very warm-hearted and friendly.

Bandipur can be visited any time a year.

5. Mugu

Source: Photos of Nepal

Mugu district is a part of Karnali province located in the far-western region of Nepal. Despite Mugu being the most remote and least developed part of the country, its natural beauty attracts many tourists.

The biggest lake of Nepal lies in this district. It is amongst the most famous destinations for tourists in South Asia. 

The geography of Mugu is not so good. Rara Lake, situated in Rara National park, preserves snow leopard, Himalayan Black beer, red and, musk deer, wild dog, and many other rare animals. Couples can have a great time with each other from Murma Top.

Tourists can visit Mugu in between august and September and March and May.

6. Solukhumbu

Source: ECS Nepal

Solukhumbu is a part of 'Province number one' situated in the eastern part of Nepal. Despite being in the mountainous region, the city is quite beautiful and is one of the most visited cities in Nepal.

The world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest, lies in this district. It also has famous places like Namche Bazaar and Lukla Airport. The northern part of SoluKhumbu is not so good, whereas the southern part is cultivable.

The Everest trekking trail lies inside the Sagarmatha national park that preserves rare animals like snow leopard, red panda, Himalayan Thar, and many other animals.

Mostly people visit this place during the spring season.

7. Manang

Source: Up To Himalaya

Manang valley is below the big mountains of Annapurna’s and Machhapuchhre and is very rich in its culture. Manang valley is divided into two-part upper Manang valley and lower Manang valley.

Mostly, people are Buddhist in this valley. This valley is famous for its rich culture, monasteries, wildlife, Tilicho lake, and its highest pass, Thorang La Pass 5416m.

Manang has one of the most famous trekking trails in Nepal, which is Annapurna Circuit trekking. It also has Annapurna Conservation Area, which preserves animals such as snow leopard, red panda, Himalayan bear, and many more. Couples can have a great time doing trekking and enjoying beautiful landscapes.

Tourists mostly visit this place during the summer and spring season.

8. Ilam

Source: Oneals Backpackers Adventure

Ilam is a hill station situated in the eastern part of Nepal. It is famous for tea and cinnamon with many beautiful and luxurious tea gardens in the hills of Ilam.

There are several other places to visit in Ilam besides the spectacular views of the tea gardens.  Some of the famous and popular places for visit in Ilam are Antudanda, Mai Pokhari, Kanyam, and many other sites.

One can have a great enjoyable time with their partner in this place, enjoying a beautiful place, and enjoying some delicious tea in this area. It also has rare birds and red panda. Ilam is one of the most attractive cities in Nepal.

Ilam can be visited throughout the year.

9. Gorkha

Source: Nepal Sanctuary Treks

Gorkha district is a part of Gandaki Province of Nepal situated in the central region of Nepal. Gorkha has one of the famous trekking routes in Nepal that is Manaslu Circuit Trekking. Couples can enjoy this trekking by enjoying the views of Manasalu Himal and Ganesh Himal.

Gorkha is the home place of king Prithivi Narayan Shah who unified Nepal into a single country from different kingdoms. Ligligkot, Manakamana, Gorakhnath, and hike danda are some of the famous attractions in Gorkha. All ethnicity like Brahmin, Chettri, Magar, Newar, Gurung dwells in this place.

Gorkha can be visited throughout the year.

10. Dolpa

Source: Epic Adventure Trekking in Nepal

Dolpa is the largest district of Nepal situated in the north-western part of the country. It is located in Karnali Province. Dolpa has the largest lake, Shey Phoksundo lake which attracts both international and local tourists, Despite being unexplored for many years, nowadays, it is attracting many tourists.

A large area of this district is covered by Shey Phoksundo National park that protects rare animals like snow leopard, grey wolf, Himalayan black bear, blue sheep, and many other animals. Couples can enjoy at this place looking at the great scene of the blue water lake. Most of the people in this region are Hindu or Buddhist.

Tourists can visit Dolpa in between august and September and March and May.

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