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10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Japan
4 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Japan

You know about Japan, a beautiful country which has made a different impact in the world with its unique culture and exceptional cuisine. Despite being superior in technological advancement, it hasn’t lost its cultural and traditional value.

You might not visit any other country with friendly people like in Japan. Besides that, various tourist spots, shrines, and temples make it a lovely honeymoon destination for couples.

Couples can indulge in various adventurous activities, spend romantic time, and make special memories with their partners while exploring the lively culture of Japan. If you are planning your romantic honeymoon in Japan, here are the top 10 best romantic destinations in Japan with some activities you can do in Japan.

1. Tokyo

Source: Journey

Besides being the capital of Japan, Tokyo is also a romantic honeymoon destination with world-class dining options and cozy accommodations. Besides these, the vibrant nightlife and the unparalleled beauty of the city make it so awesome that the couple can’t resist from not visiting again.

To create some romantic vibe between each other, take a romantic stroll to the city parks and riverside, or you can also head to the Tokyo tower to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the city. Furthermore, if you visit during spring, you can appreciate the beauty of the pink sakura blossoms.

The best time to visit Tokyo for romantic experience is between March and April and September and November.

2. Osaka

Source: The Crazy Tourist

Another lively city with charming nightlife and entertainment is Osaka, with iconic landmarks and lots of activities to do. Friendly people and quality dining make it one of the best honeymoon destinations in Japan.

For some lovely time with one another, take a romantic stroll to Kuromon Ichiba Market for shopping or head to Osaka Castle. Furthermore, you can also enjoy walking in the brilliant gardens or visit Dontonbori with its sea of neon lights. As for your dining, have a romantic dinner with your love and enjoy some glasses of whiskey. 

The best time to visit Osaka is from March to May.

3. Hakone

Source: Hakone

Looking for a beautiful place with some outdoor activities to spend your honeymoon in Japan with your love? The mountain town, Hakone is the place for you.

With its breathtaking natural beauty, magnificent mountains, and numerous activities, Hakone is a romantic honeymoon destination. For some romantic time, you can take a romantic bath in one of the hot springs or wander to the iconic red tori gate across Ashi Lake.

Besides these, you can take a thrilling ropeway to enjoy the panoramic view of the city with your love. Once you are done with your day trips, end the day with a lovely dinner paired with refreshing drinks.

The best time to visit Hakone is from July to September.

4. Kyoto

Source: Gijinpot Travel

If you want to experience the traditional Japanese culture along with a perfect mix of romance and urbanization, head over to Kyoto with your love.

With its brilliant sacred temples counting to more than 2000 and amazing entertainment districts, including lots of restaurants and shops, Kyoto is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Japan.

For some lovely time with your love, take a romantic stroll to the Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion). It is believed that the ashes of the founder of Buddhism are stored here.

Besides these, you can also go to visit the Jishu shrine or the Nijo castle. At the end of the day, have a romantic dinner and some quality drinks together to celebrate your happiness.

The best time to visit Kyoto is from March to May and October to November.

5. Hiroshima

Source: Royal Caribbean

You know about Hiroshima, the city which was destroyed by the atom bomb. But if you think that the city is gone after that, you haven’t been there yet. It is now a quite beautiful city and is one of the best honeymoon destinations for couples.

To make your time in Hiroshima, take your love with you to the Atomic Bomb Dome or walk to the Peace Memorial Park to spend some time together.

Besides these, you can go to the Peace Memorial Museum or visit Cenotaph or Children’s Peace Memorial.  Furthermore, don’t forget to try out the local cuisine with some drinks.

For the best experience, the best time to visit Hiroshima is from October to November and March to May.

6. Miyajima

Source: Stripes

If you are at Hiroshima and you want to go somewhere filled with nature with your partner, Miyajima Island is the perfect destination for you. Adding to the beauty of the island is the torii gate that floats on water with the background view of mountains.

For couples who like to explore various cultures, take a stroll together to the temples or spend some time together in one of the many gardens. If you decide to get adventurous, climb Mount Misen together. More importantly, don’t forget to try out oysters.

The best time to visit Miyajima is from March to May.

7. Hida-Takayama

Source: Get Your Guide

Looking for a place in Japan where you can experience traditional culture and spend a romantic honeymoon? Head over to Hida-Takayama. Surrounded by mountains and providing the best historical areas, you will feel like you are in ancient Japan, but you definitely won’t be bored.

For some romantic time, wander around the town hand in hand to experience the local culture or chat with some friendly locals. Likewise, taste Hida beef, a dish of domestic wagyu whose taste can go toe on toe with Kobe beef.

Want some more things to do to create some more memories? Take a tour of the historic and charming village of Shirakawa-go with your partner.

The best time to visit Hida-Takayama is from October to December.

8. Fuji five lakes

Source: Eri Sweet Travel

If you want to know what kind of natural beauty is in a real paradise, visit Fuji five lakes to have some idea about that. With its calm lakes, swift-flowing rivers, and the majestic view of Mount Fiji, it makes a perfect honeymoon destination.

The resort town of Kawaguchiko offers various adventurous activities like hiking, fishing, and canoeing, which are ideal for nature-loving couples.

Besides that, you can also take a romantic tour of museums. Once you are done with your long day trip, enjoy a romantic dinner with local Japanese cuisine and relaxing Japanese sake.

The best time to visit Fuji five lakes is from August to September.

9. Karuizawa

Source: Travel Daily Media

The beautiful resort town of Karuizawa is perfect for honeymoon at any time of the year. With its breathtaking beauty of cherry blossoms in spring, rich nature in summer, brilliant foliage in autumn and snowy paradise in winter, it will make you provide you with an exceptional experience.

You can stroll around the town with your love and get a sight of local Japanese culture or chat with friendly locals. If they can talk to you in a common language, it’s helpful for you. If not, you will find it mesmerizing when they hit you with some English, and they laugh. If you are in Karuizawa during winter, don’t forget to try out ice skating.

For the best memory, the ideal time to visit Karuizawa is around May, and for winter, it is January.

10. Shirakawa-go

Source: Enchanting Travel

This list definitely won’t be complete without Shirakawa-go, a small yet mesmerizing village with brilliant houses built-in ‘gassho-zukuri’ style. From some distance, you might think that the houses are half-buried. 

During the winter, you will find the whole village covered in snow along with snowcapped houses. Besides that, you can have some chat with some locals and know about some Japanese culture.

The people are so friendly you will never get bored by talking with them. Given the size and the fun you will have here, you leave this place; you might remember the name of all the villagers.

The best time to visit Shirakawa-go is from December to February. 

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