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10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Ireland
4 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Ireland

Most of the couples go to a different nation or even a different continent for their honeymoon. Whether it’s your first honeymoon or just a romantic vacation, the beautiful country in Europe, Ireland is a top-notch place for a lovely time with your partner.

From breathtaking natural scenery to legendary history, it is packed with full surprises. Even though you are not a royal, it will feel like one with castles and horse-riding experience. And most importantly, because of the friendliest people and world-famous Guinness and Jameson, it makes one of the best destinations in the world. 

Couples can experience various activities and spend quality time with their partners while enjoying romantic destinations of Ireland. If you are planning for a honeymoon in Ireland, here are the top 10 best romantic honeymoon destinations in Ireland along with things to do in Ireland during the visit.

1. Dublin


Source: Nations Online Projects

If we are talking about a honeymoon in Ireland, the warm and welcoming city of Dublin is sure to be on the list with its friendly people and cozy accommodation. With its vibrant nightlife, unique culture and restaurants and pubs, it has been awarded 34th best city worldwide to live in.

To make an unforgettable memory in Dublin, spend some time alone in the Phoenix Park or go diving into the Irish water together. Love hiking? Then, you are in luck. It also splendid offers hiking experience right at the doorstep. Furthermore, visiting museums with Vikings skeleton takes you back in time. 

The best time to visit Dublin is from June to August.

2. Tory Island


Source: Ireland Highlights

For those couples who want a honeymoon away from the crowd and city, Tory Island is the perfect place one of the most beautiful destinations in Ireland. If you are lucky enough, the king of this small island with just 130 people will come to greet you. To make it lovelier, you will have a romantic time with your love on your way as the only approach to reach the island is on a boat.

Furthermore, you can appreciate the marvelous view of the sea from the coastline or check out the lighthouses of the island.

The best time to visit Tory Island is from June to September. 

3. Cong


Source: XYU and BEYOND

Offering charming culture and tradition, Cong, the small town on water is one insanely beautiful destination in Ireland that is perfect for a honeymoon. Along with colorful beaches and an endless view of the clear blue water, it is a popular destination in Ireland among couples.

To have some time alone with one another, take a romantic stroll or hop on a bike to Cong Canal for relaxing or fishing.  Besides these, you can also visit the ruins of Augustinian Abbey or Ashford Castle for a golf course. Likewise, you can also enjoy horse riding.

The least crowded month in Cong is during November.

4. Enniscrone


Source: Diamond Coast Hotel

Along with stunning beaches, unique land structure, and jaw-dropping scenery, Enniscrone is probably one of the most beautiful places in Ireland.  It is also home to spectacular Benbulbin Mountain and landmarks like ruins of Rosserk Friary and O’Dowd’s Castle.

For some relaxation, take a seaweed bath in the sea-front spas, or dare to take a dip in the cold seawater with your sweetheart. Besides that, you can also go horse riding or visit nearby Sligo town. To end the day with satisfaction, get to a traditional pub, and enjoy some refreshing drinks.

The best time to visit Enniscrone is from Late July to Early September.

5. Westport

Source: IrishCebtral

If you are an outdoorsy type and you find countryside small villages and riverside walks romantic, Westport is the perfect place for you.  It is a hidden gem within Ireland with jaw-dropping scenery and few visitors, which makes it one of the most romantic destinations for countryside honeymoon.

With its main attractions like Westport House and palatial estate, including an amusement park, it attracts a lot of newlyweds. If you are adventurous, conquer the marvelous Croagh Patrick Mountain with your love. Similarly, before you get cozy in your room, have a few ships of booze from Irish party-pub.

For the best time in Westport, the most romantic time is from May to June or mid-September to mid- October.

6. Carlingford


Source: TripAdvisor

Carlingford is an excellent town for spending your honeymoon on your significant other and best for those who are kind of adventurous. Known for its ancient buildings like the Mint, Taaffe’s Castle, King John’s Castle, and other activities like archery, rock climbing, and paintballing, it has been able to steal the heart of many honeymooners.

For some more dreamy experience, you can get on a boat and explore the lough or take a romantic stroll around the beach and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the sunset together with your love. Besides these, take your sweetheart to a lovely candlelight dinner to talk about your future together. And, call it a day after you have some drinks with your partner in a pub.  

The best time to visit Carlingford is from June until September. 

7. Glengarriff


Source: Pinterest

Surrounded by the rolling hills and seafront from the south, Glengarriff, a small village with just over a thousand locals, is one of the most beautiful destinations for a romantic honeymoon. Also known as “the natural meeting place,” it is a friendly place that lives up to the reputation and attracts a lot of newlyweds with its natural beauty.

To make your time exceptional in the village, take a stroll to the stunning offshore garden or check out seals, dolphins, and eagles that are in the residential area. Not enough romantic experience? Spend some time together with your love at the beach and wait till the sunset to hold hands and kiss each other. Still not enough? Go for a romantic dinner date with your love and end the day with some refreshing booze.

For the best memory, the best time to visit Glengarriff is from  June to October.

8. Cahersiveen



If you want a honeymoon a little far from the city with your lover, Cahersiveen is the perfect place for your honeymoon with a beautiful town, stunning gardens, and rolling cliff sides. Besides these, lighthouses, Ballycarbery Castle, and forts add to the beauty of the city.

For some romantic time, take a photograph with your sweetheart, or take a stroll around the sandy beaches. In addition to these, go to visit ruins of historical landmarks or treat yourself and your partner in a romantic dinner.

To make your time marvelous in Caherdiveen, June to September is the best time to visit. 

9. Galway


Source: Travel Inspires Experiences

Offering a brilliant meeting spot for couples, Galway is set in the place where the Atlantic Ocean meets the River Corrib. With its reliable location and jaw-dropping scenery, it is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Ireland.
Nearby art galleries, boutiques, and the lively culture and festival add more beauty to Galway, which makes it even more romantic for couples.

Furthermore, you can also visit exhibition centers, a museum, and the cathedral. Not only are these, but Galway bay also an amazing landmark of this place, which is on the south. End the day with a romantic dinner with seafood and head to the pub for some booze.

The best time to visit Galway is from April to August.

10. Cooley peninsula


Source: Govisity

Cooley Peninsula is a hidden gem within Ireland and one of the best places for your romantic honeymoon. Lying next to the Irish Sea and rolling hills, it will provide you with experiences you will never forget.  Want some adventure? Visit underground Cavern or the Long Woman’s Grave with your partner. Or maybe chilled honeymoon? Ride Lough Ferry together and enjoy the scenery together.

Furthermore, you can also go hiking or spend some time on the beaches and wait till you can appreciate the jaw-dropping view of the sunset. Then, head back and have a romantic dinner with your significant other and call it a day.

For the best experience, the best time to visit the Cooley Peninsula is from April to June.

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