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10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Denmark
4 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Denmark

Denmark is the southernmost country of Scandinavian nations with more than 400 islands and the Jutland Peninsula. There are many landscapes in Denmark that attract couples for their honeymoon. Also, providing different adventurous activities like sea diving, sailing, and many more. 

If you are planning for a beautiful honeymoon and spending some quality time with your partner, here are the top 10 best honeymoon destinations in Denmark.

1. Copenhagen


Source: Lonely Planet

Copenhagen, the capital city and the most populated city of Denmark, is situated on the coastal island of Amager and Zealand. The name Copenhagen describes its origin as a harbor and a place for business. A beautiful historic center with lots of architecture, including the Fredrikstaden, where the royal family lives. 

Amalienborg Palace, Rosenborg Castle, and Christiansborg castle lie nearby. A canal tour of the harbor and surrounding canals is one of the most exciting attractions of Denmark.

The most suitable month to visit Copenhagen is June or July.

2. Funen

Source: Britannica

Funen, aka Fyn, is the third-largest island of Denmark with an area of nearly 1200 miles. It is connected with the main island of Denmark by a fantasy-like belt bridge. The city is also the birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson. Travelers can enjoy the city’s marvelous art museum, award-winning zoo. An annual film festival is also organized in Funen.

Many restaurants and café are serving delicious tastes to visitors in the beachfront area. One of the most well-maintained castles, Egeskov Castle, is of the Renaissance era. There is a Viking museum which conserves the only known Viking burial ship.

The best time to visit Funen is during the summer season.

3. Aarhus

Source: Shropshire Star

Aarhus is an attractive city that has a modern, cosmopolitan aspect and beauty of small villages. It is the second-largest city of Denmark and situated o Jutland Peninsula. With some charming restaurants and fantastic pubs to go with someone special, Aarhus is indeed a lovely city.

A well organized and clean city with a lot of European architecture throughout the city. ARoS Art Museum, the women’s museum, the Von Frue Kirke, and the Friheden Amusement Park are some of the famous attractions of Aarhus.

Travelers mainly visit Aarhus between May and September.

4. Esbjerg 

Source: Pinterest

Esbjerg is a small port town situated on the western side of the Jutland Peninsula. It is a small city that was the largest fishing harbor in the country. Fishing is the central part of the town’s economy and lifestyle. The famous Legoland is just an hour's drive from the city. 

The city is easily accessible, and the center is mostly walkable, so it is easy to explore the city. Fisheries and Maritime Museum is one of the popular attractions which is the largest museum of its kind. The museum exhibits related to the fishing and lifestyle of Denmark’s coast.

Mostly tourist visit this place from late May to mid-September.

5. Helsingor

Source: Agoda

Situated on the eastern side of the country, Helsingor is a port city. The most famous attraction, Kronborg Castle, is a structure of the 15th century and was made a setting for Shakespeare’s notable book, Hamlet. There is also an M/S Maritime Museum nearby for travelers interested in Maritime History.

Oresund Aquarium, the Marienlyst Castle, and the Danish Museum of Science and Technology are some of the essential attractions. Beach and the castle’s Garden is the best place to visit for having some great time for honeymoon couples.

The best time to visit Funen is during the summer season.

6. Hillerod

Source: YouTube

Hillerod is situated to the north of Copenhagen that is renowned for  Fredriksborg Castle, which was built in the 17th century. The castle covers an area of three small islands and has a marvelous garden that is representative of Baroque style. 

The museum of National History occupies a castle that exhibits the cover the gamut of 400 years of the country’s history. Different artwork, furnishing, and other items of an ancient period are available in the hotel. Travelers can visit Aresso for a kayak in the lake or go to Grib Forest with several beautiful trails.

Mostly tourist visit this place from late May to mid-September.


Source: Wikipedia

Mon, a small island situated in the south of Zealand famous for its white chalk cliffs. The white color is the result of shells of plants and animals. The cliff was once a part of the Seabed. The cliff is around 330 feet high in some points. Visitors mostly visit this place for collecting fossils.

Honeymoon couples attracted to this place enjoy a good view from the eastern side of the cliff. Liselund castle is also one of the attractions that consist of several small castles and a fantastic garden. Historic Elmelunde Church and GeoCenter Mons Klint are some other attractions on Mon.

Travelers mainly visit Mon between May and September.

8. Skagen

Source: Culture Trip

Skagen is situated in the northernmost part of Denmark with a well-developed harbor area. It is the country’s most important fishing port. The city is trendy among visitors and attracts many tourists. Many restaurants surround the locality where you can taste several dishes.

The white sand beach is a popular attraction for both visitors and locals. Green, the northernmost point where the North Sea and Baltic sea meet, is a must-visit place while staying in Skagen. Bolcheriet candy factory, the buried church, and the lighthouse are some of the must-visit places.

Late May to mid-September is the best time to visit the site.

9. Romo


Source: Flickr

Situated on the southernmost island of Denmark in the Wadden Sea, Romo is one of the beautiful cities of Denmark. One can get to Romo by road from the mainland of Denmark. Couples are mostly attracted to this place. Visitors come here to enjoy the marvelous landscape of the island, along with a spacious beach and the Wadden Sea.

Romo’s beach is the largest sand beach in all northern Europe, which attracts most visitors. Sea diving, kite-buggying are some popular activities in Romo. St. Clement’s Church and the Kommandorgard Museum with artifacts related to the whaling industry are other notable attractions.

Travelers mainly visit Aarhus between May and September.


Source: Agoda

Located on Vendsyssel Island, Hirtshals is a seaside port town. The sea plays a huge role in the life of people of the town, so many attractions are around the seashore and maritime culture. The Hirtshals Lighthouse is a popular attraction that was constructed in 1862, offering a fantastic view of the surroundings and the ocean.

The Nordson Oceanarium is also a primary tourist attraction site. It is one of the largest oceanaria in Europe that has a large aquarium tank that has aquarium life from the North sea as well as other small tanks and a seal exhibit.

Late May to mid-September is the best time to visit the place.

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