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10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Croatia
3 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Croatia

Croatia is situated in the central part of Europe in the Mediterranean area. Croatia is mainly populated by Croats, with other national minorities of people that are Serbs, Slovenes, Hungarians, Bosnians, Italians, and Czechs. It is also known as the pearl of Europe.

Couples can involve in various activities and spend memorable and quality time with their partners while enjoying romantic destinations of Croatia. If you are planning for a honeymoon in Croatia, here are the top 10 best romantic honeymoon destinations in Croatia, along with the things to do in Croatia during the visit.

1. Dubrovnik


Source. Business Insider

Dubrovnik is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Croatia, which attracts many tourists with its beautiful blue sea, red roofs made of bricks, and the fortified wall along the sea. It is one of the most expensive cities in Croatia, with many five-star hotels providing a luxurious stay at the hotel. Couples can walk around the coast of the sea, holding each other’s hands.

Visitors can also envy the architectural sites like St Blaise Church. Couples can just enjoy a glass of wine at the seacoast, enjoying the view of the sunset. Lokrum, Lovrijenac, and Dubrovnik cathedral are some must-visit places for couples.

The best time to visit Dubrovnik is during September and October.

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2. Hvar


Source: Tourist Secrets

Hvar is a Croatian island that is situated in the Adriatic Sea. The hillside of this island is very fertile so, they are covered with vineyards, olive groves, fruit orchards, and lavender fields. Hvar is one of the oldest towns in the world, which was first founded by Greeks. There are many hotels in the town that provides you with luxurious to budget food and lodging.

Couples are sure to have a great memorable time at Hvar with a view of crystal clear water and amazing landscapes of the city. Also, couples can enjoy some romantic times on the beaches of the island cuddling with each other. Moreover, you can also get a perfect view of Hvar Island from the Hvar fort.
The best time to visit Hvar is from July to September.

3. Split


Source: Treksplorer

One of the best honeymoon destinations in Croatia, Split is the largest city of Croatia. A short walk around the cobalt paved street in the city will give you a taste of living in ancient times. Some good hotels and restaurants provide you an excellent place to stay and good food. Marjan Hill, Bacviee beach, and Riva are some of the attractive places in Croatia.

Adventurous couples can go and have some fun doing canoeing and kayaking. A visit to Diocletian’s palace is sure to astonish you like scenes of a famous series Game of Thrones were filmed here.
Also, couples can have a short walk to Marjan Hill and have some romantic quality times with their loved ones.

The best time to visit spit is during summer.

4. Rovinj


Source: Earth Trekkers

Situated on the eastern shore of the Istrian Peninsula, Rovinj is a fishing town. Couples will love to go around the narrow stone-paved pathways surrounded by colorful local houses. In the evening, visitors can go to a pub and have a great blast and some memorable times. Lim Fjord, Monkodonja, and Sveti Andrija are some of the most romantic places.

Couples can have good seafood after a short hike to Lim Fjord. Moreover, couples can spend some private time while visiting ancient architecture site. Also, couples can visit the local beaches and swim around the shore during hot days. Couples can enjoy at Brijuni National Park looking at the wildlife.

The best time to visit Rovinj is during the dry season.

5. Zagreb


Source: Musement Blog

Zagreb is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Croatia, with totally fascinating Hungarian architecture. The nightlife at Zagreb will make your honeymoon holiday a memorable one. This place is not so common for visitors, so the couples can have plenty of private time and stay away from crowds.

Church of St. Mark’s and the Zagreb Cathedral are some of the famous attractions in Zagreb. Couples can have a romantic time walking around Jarun Lake, holding each other’s hands. Couples can just go for short hiking towards the southwest of Zagreb and enjoy the view of a magnificent town built centuries ago.

The best time to visit Zagreb is from April to October.

6. Badija


Source: Croatia

Badija is a beautiful little island located near Korcula, which is worth its destination to visit for your honeymoon. A Franciscan Monastery is a famous attraction that attracts many tourists every year. There are fascinating rocky beaches with clear blue water, which seems to be like a dream place.

There are many swimming spots on the island where couples can enjoy swimming and have a memorable romantic time at sea. Also, couples can have some good food and drinks at the restaurants, which are located on the southern side of the island.

For a memorable experience, the best time to visit Badija is from September to November.

7. Limski Kanal


Source: Pinterest

A quality honeymoon in Croatia is a cruise through the fjords. Limski Kanal is one of the best places in Croatia, offering spectacular scenery. Visitors can get on a tourist boat and float over the calm green water enjoying the steep slopes.

Rovinj is the nearest city from Limski Kanal. Couples can have a romantic dinner or lunch at one of the riverside restaurants that provides you fresh fish, oysters or shellfish. The movie “The Long Ships” was filmed in this spot during 1964. Also, visitors can enjoy fishing in the Kanal as it is a natural breeding place for many species of fishes.

The best time to visit Limski Kanal is from May to June.

8. Palagruza


Source: Mediterranean Gardens and Nature

Palagruza is one of the best places to visit for a honeymoon in Croatia. It is one of Croatia's least crowded and remote islands that is located in the Adriatic sea and close to Italy. There are many lighthouses on this island which attracts many tourists. Visitors can get to this place by boat from Dubrovnik or Korcula.

Couples can spend some romantic time walking through the rocky and sandy shores holding each other's hands. Moreover, visitors can go visit Hum, which is the smallest city in the World as well as Chuch of the Holy Cross, which is the smallest cathedral in the world.

The best time to visit Palagruza is from May to June and September to November.

9. Zadar


Source: Rough Guide

Zadar is a perfect destination for couples where they can enjoy an ideal view of the sunset. A collection of great bars and restaurants like lounge bar as well as nightspot makes your honeymoon a memorable one. There are many luxurious as well as budget hotels in Zadar, providing you a perfect spot for accommodation.

Couples can go to the peninsula and have some romantic talks while watching the sunset in the orange seawater. Moreover, visitors can also taste som fresh fish while walking around the streets of Zadar. Even couples can walk around the peninsula, holding hand-in-hand.

The best time to visit Zadar is during the autumn season.

10. Medulin


Source: Total Croatia News

Medulin is an excellent destination for couples to visit during their honeymoon. It is a destination most famous for water sports. Visitors visiting Medulin can enjoy a great view of the sea, enjoying surfing and sailing. There are many hotels in Medulin, providing an excellent place to stay with good hospitality and food.

Couples can go cycling around the city and have some memorable time with their loved ones. Also, couples can go for a ride around the sea in a Jetski. Also, there is a sandy beach with a Strandbar in Medulin, where couples can have a romantic time lying down in each other’s arms.

The best time to visit Medulin is from April to July.

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