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10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Cambodia
5 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Cambodia

Cambodia may not be the first option when you think of the honeymoon, but its tropical island, sweeping landscapes, beautiful nature, and stunning isolated spots is what a couple needs for a romantic gateway. Overlooking this Southeast Asian country will be an injustice.

What Cambodia does better than anywhere is its combine relaxation and culture interest in one place. Across Cambodia, there are many fascinating destinations having both fascinating sites to stimulate the mind and beautiful, relaxing resorts and romantic experiences. Still not convinced? Here is the top list for newly-weds for their honeymoon trip to Cambodia.

1. Koh Kong 

Source:BigSeven Travel

Spending time around unspoiled virgin forests, rare orchids, fragrant frangipani and the tropical flora fauna of the off-the-beaten-track in Koh Kong gives you the feeling of paradise. A couple is nature lovers, Kohkong might be the ideal honeymoon destination.

While you are here, do not forget to book a room in 4 Rivers Floating Lodge and discover the Cambodia style. Apart from this for honeymooners, this Lodge offers boasting solitude and privacy. When the moon comes up, set a romantic date on floating tents with the delicious food to enjoy, the perfect way to cement wedded life.

2. Angor Archaeological 

Source: geetingnowhere

Packed with full romantic experiences, Angor Archaeological, is a place where adventures await you. But do not expect to find any way from the madding crowds in this place or any popular destination near it.

However, there are other many sites to discover like popular Bayon and Ta Prohm Temples. Apart from this enjoy the jungle trip exploring crumbling ruins in the park. After you are done with the journey on land, get ready for a hot air balloon or helicopter ride to get astonishing views of the park.

3. Mondulkiri

Source: Construction Property

For memorable experiences, a trip to Mondulkiri could be your cards. This is the remote part of Cambodia and do not have the expectation of luxuriousness in this paradise. Instead expect, to get lost in the lust of nature.

If you are planning to have a trip in Mondulkiri check out the Elephant Valley Project and get a chance to hang with elephants along with their natural habitats. However, you will not allow getting an elephant ride as it is against organization rule.

4. Song Saa Private Island 

Source: Agoda

It is a perfect way to start married life in a cocoon of wedded bliss. If you are looking for the luxurious beach along with the mix deserted beach, soft powder white sand, blue skies, and crystal clear water, then Song Saa Private Island fits your buckets list.

Song Saa Private Island is one of its kind and is a completely isolated romantic spot. This luxurious tropical island paradise has Cambodia's best resorts and lots of memories to craft.

5. Kep

Source: Agoda

The coastal resort of Kep was known for Cambodia's elite resorts and is dotted with once-decadent villas. However, the town is slowly regaining its reputation as Kep-sur-Mer and now is one of the best destinations for honeymooners. Over the past years, it has boosted the collection of unmarketed boutique resorts, restaurants, and hotels.

One of the most magnificent boutiques in this town is Knai Bang Chatt and gives you the feeling of luxuriousness during your stay. Knai Bang Chatt is not only the boutique that has excellent services but other boutiques also equally have an enjoyable stay.

6. Sihanoukville Beach 

Source: South East Asia Backpackers

The Maldives of Cambodia, Shinavokville beaches is worth to have several days in honeymoon itinerary. There are other beaches like ores Beach and Independence beach that are highly likable for couples.

Sihanoukville is not only famous for its beaches but also accessible for different sightseeing including WAT Leu Temple, Kbal Chhay Waterfall, Starfish Bakery and Café. If that does not fill your hunger then get ready for watersports like scuba diving and hire the private boat to explore marine life.

7. Royal Palace, Phnom Penh 

Source: Wikipedia

One of the best destinations in Cambodia is its gem Royal Palace. Royal Palace is a complex of majestic buildings and carries lots of history for Cambodia. This is a must-see historical site for any who visit Cambodia.

The unique architecture, bright exteriors, ornate interiors, palatial halls, and serene surroundings make this place a must-visit the area on a honeymoon trip. This might not be a romantic place to visit, but the heritage lovers will love this place. If you and your better half are interested in exploring the cultural sites of Cambodia, then nothing tops Royal Palace.

8. Wat Phnom 

Source: Atkhmer

The tallest religious building in Cambodia City is Wat Phanom. Standing 27 meters tall above the ground level, Wat Phnom was built to house the relics of the Buddhist objects, which were placed here by a woman in the 14th century. According to legend, the first pagoda in this site was erected in 1372 to house four statues of Buddha deposited by the waters of the Mekong River. 

The surrounding of Wat Phnom is filled with greeny nature, and the couple can enjoy the romantic walk on the gardens while exploring the historical sites of Wat Phnom. Along with this temple, there is a museum with old statues and ancient artifacts.

9. Tonle Sap Lake 

Source: Trip

The largest lake in Southeast Asia, Tonle Sap, is known for its unique behavior due to its change in size in every wet season. This lake features a unique and diverse ecological system with over 100 species, including an endangered one.

You and your spouse can explore the diversity of nature and get entirely locked up from the hectic city. Apart from the ecosystem, spend a night on floating stilt houses, which is quite mesmerizing. At day, hop on the boat trip to explore the marine life and explore the different Khmer and floating markets.

10.  Long Set Beach, Koh Rong

Source: Youtube

Do you love to relax on the beach and admire the beauty of the ocean? Then Long Set Beach definitely is your choice. Head to the Long Set Beach, at the southernmost cove of KohRongIsland, which is the perfect romantic gateway. While you are in Long Set Beach, don't forget to bring beach beds.

Lay down on beach beds, enjoy the sunbath or take a stroll across the pristine white sand beach. For an intimate experience, book one of the luxurious resorts. Most of the resorts on this beach are romantic themed.

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