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10 Best Cities to Visit in the US
3 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Cities to Visit in the US

If you are looking to have a fantastic vacation into your calendar this year, you might love U.S. U.S itself is a big country, and there are so many places to explore. Each year, cities of the U.S keeps on reinventing and bring more flavor for its visitors. 

Travelers can discover exciting adventurous things to do wherever they go in the U.S. Whether you are seeking of weekend gateway or vacation, here are ten best U.S cities to visit.

1. San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Source: Wikiwand

San Juan got hit up 2017’s Hurricane Maria, but it did not stop Puerto Rico to welcome back tourists. The luxurious hotel, peaceful environment, and events make Puerto Rico one of the most exciting destinations.

Hotels like San Juan Marriot, Stellaris Casino, and Serafina Beach Hotel provide the best accommodations for travelers.

If you are a shopaholic, visit Condado Beach or Santurce Neighborhood to taste San Juan’s rising culinary scene. For the best experience, visit Puerto Rico in January and get a chance to take part in a historical event.

2. Buffalo, New York 

Source: TravelAwaits

For a weekend gateway, Buffalo is a perfect match for you. Situated in the middle of revitalization and 30 minutes from Niagara Falls, Buffalo has been a paradise for hot wing devotees. Famous for Buffalo wing Trail, you might be surprised what this city can offer.

In 2019, the Lipsey Architecture Center, showcasing Buffalo’s architectural heritage, includes Frank Llyod Wright’s Martin House and more.

In the summer season, you can get the opportunity to get outside the Elevator Alley and a reconstructed area with an outdoor movie screening and a zip line. Also, don't miss out on the Garden Walk, one of the biggest free Garden Tour in the U.S.

3. Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

Source: Flickr

Most you might be drawn to its neighbor Mami; however, Fort Lauderdale has its taste. Mostly known for its thriving art scene, Luxurious hotel, and beautiful beaches, Fort Lauderdale has everything you need.

The exciting part is its classic Fort Lauderdale activities like a visit to Fatvillage, an art districts that lets you explore the galleries and shop or Jungle Queen Riverboat Cruise for dinner.

If you are planning to extend your visit, enjoy the B Ocean Resort, a modern hotel with classic architectures.

4. Asbury Park, New Jersey

Source: 6sqft

Nothing is better than a summer trip to the south of New York City, Asbury Park. To the Jersey Shore’s lies musical city, home of the stony Pony (historic music venue) that gave superstars Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. The town is going under renovation, but all these revised have given new life to the city.

Once decaying waterfront buildings like Carousel building are transformed into Skate Park and theater space. When you further explore, you can tumble yourself upon excellent eateries. Along with restaurants, coffee shops, you can visit the Music and Film Festival, which is fantastic.

5. Berkeley, California

Source: Visit Berkeley

There is plenty of adventure waiting for you in the redwood forests of Northern California. Explore the beautiful campus of the University of California, shop the independent boutiques on the street, and Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley.

Not only that, it offers a fantastic dining option with Japanese Akemi and Italian RIVOLI, café like Blue Willow Tea Spot, and do not forget all popular Edible Excursion local food tours. For the luxury stay, Graduate Berkeley is the best option.

6. Asheville, North California

Source: Omni Hotels and Resort

Ashville is the city on the rise, with thousands of people visiting each year. In the Great Smoky Mountains lies the tourist attraction, Asheville, which has attracted the crowd with its café’s, restaurants, luxurious hotels, Friday night drum circles, bars, and many more.

The plenty of culinary options like Button and Co bagels and Benne on Eagle serves you the best dish Asheville has to offer.  The year 2019 is the exciting year with Asheville’s popular attraction-the Biltmore.

Mansion Turned Museum will offer adventurous activities like falconry lessons and electric tricycle tours. For the accommodation stay at the Omni Grove Park Inn where you can catch the breathtaking view of town and sun setting over the Blue Ridge Mountains.

7. New Orleans, Louisiana

Source: BlueGreen Vacations

For decades, New Orleans has been on the top list for many travelers around the globe, and it does not look like it is coming to an end.

The city is rolling it a moment with new attractions like the summer opening of the Sazerac House museum dedicated to the history of the iconic cocktail. The visit on new restaurants Justine, Warbucks, and Auction House Market will make you regret it.

If you have not enough, involve in one of the festivals that happens every three days. The hotels in New Orleans, like Eliza Jane, are with sophisticated design, which carries lots of history on its back.

8. Orlando, Florida 

Source:  Britannica

Orlando, Florida, is the home of the Magic Kingdom and is an excellent vacation spot for gateway. There are so many things to do in this city.

Whether you visit Sea World or Universal Studios with Disney theme parks, you will find lots of memories to bring back home.

For couples or family, Sunny Orlando has lots of exciting adventures. On the other side, there are hotels which are luxurious and make your stay more comfortable.  Ritz Carlton is one of the luxurious hotels you can find here. 

9. Las Vegas, Nevada

Source: BlueGreen Vacations

Las Vegas is more than a gambling city and is a fabulous city with great food, shows, shops, and lots of excitement. Gamblers will love MGM Grand, where you can gamble in a furious environment.

If gambling is not for you, enjoy the endless shopping at Caesars Palace Forum shops or in Cirque De Soleil. Kids will love ‘Circus Circus’ where they can ride the roller coaster and do other fun things.

For the stay, there are plenty of hotels to choose from. Many of the casinos offer you the expensive rooms but are worth your single penny.

10. Los Angeles, California

Source: Azamara

There is plenty of reason of Los Angeles to be famous. The Hollywood Bowl, Beverly Hills, and The Walk-of-fame are just a few attractions. This renowned city takes you to the journey of your lifetime.

Take a long walk on Venice Beach or do shopping at the Beverly Hills or in Rodeo Drive.  You might lucky and see one of the celebrities. And do not miss out on tour to Hollywood sign.

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