10 Beautiful Phuket Beaches You Must Visit

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10 Beautiful Phuket Beaches You Must Visit
16 March, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Beautiful Phuket Beaches You Must Visit

Phuket, Thailand’s largest island, has no shortage of beautiful coastline or perfect, unspoiled beaches to enjoy. This island has everything to cater to visitor’s needs from the popular party beaches with ample activities to the serene beaches with very few visitors and those in between. With more than 30 beaches around the island, there is a wide variety of scenery, atmosphere, facilities, and even textures of sand available. But with such a great amount of choice, it might get tough to choose which beach to go to. So, to help you with it, we have listed 10 of the most beautiful beaches you can visit in Phuket.

Freedom Beach

Source: Thai Holiday

Freedom beach is not only freedom by name, but also is freedom by nature. Despite its location in the bustling district of Patong, the freedom beach is quite different from what one might expect. This beach is quiet, unspoiled and very less accessible than most of the beaches on the island. you have to trek through a jungle, which is it’s plus point for adventure enthusiasts, but it’s not like only trekkers would visit it, as you can access the beach with the boat too. Even if you are not a trekking lover, we recommend you to trek to reach this beach. the trekking route to this beach is also very beautiful, and the final reward of the trek will be this unspoiled beach, which will totally be worth it. only a few people visit this beach, so most of the time, you will get this serene stretch of beach, turquoise sea, and the background of the dense, verdant forest for yourself.

Kata Beach

Source: The Boathouse Phuket

Kata Beach, with its around one and a half kilometer length, is big enough never to feel too crowded and offers you plenty of space to enjoy the beach. the beach is popular among both tourists and locals with its palm tree-lined with soft, white sand and plenty of places to eat and drink nearby. The beach also is great for surfing, and you will find many shops nearby for renting surfboards and also many shops to engage in retail therapy. There are also resorts if you want to stay for a while. This beach is great for families wanting to escape from the lively beaches in the area as it has lots of space and even offers many activities for entertainment.

Kata Noi Beach

Source: AKA Thailand

Despite its small length of only 700meters, Kata Noi offers a whole world of charm. Kata Noi Beach lies south of the larger and more popular Kata Beach and is much peaceful than its neighbor, and offers a feel of a private island while still being fairly developed. The beach has few fancy resorts and restaurants nearby and is perfect for day trips to the beach. the sea here is also great for watersports like snorkeling and surfing. If you don’t feel like engaging in water activities, you can always rest in the serene surrounding and see the world go by.

Nai Harn Beach

Source: Tripadvisor

Nai Harn Beach, located to the south of Phuket, is a small bay with soft sand and sea that changes from calm in the high season to strong currents in low season, making it a popular spot for Phuket’s surfing and kiteboarding crowd. Samnak Song Monastery owns most of the land of the beach, so it has prevented overdevelopment and makes a great choice for an escape from bustling and popular beaches on the island. right behind the beach, there is a lake where many people come to take a ride in swan-shaped pedalos and fish.

Ya Nui Beach

Source: Thai Holiday

Ya Nui beach is only 200m in size, but its beauty more than makes up for its size. Just south of Nai Harn, this beach is one of the most stunning beaches in Phuket. The beach offers the view of nearby Koh Keyao Noi island and has superb rocky outcrops alongside the cerulean sea. The most popular activity on this beach is body-boarding and snorkeling. If you want to enjoy better snorkeling, you can head to Koh Keyao Noi, which is only a short kayak away.

Surin Beach

Source: Snorkeling Thailand

This beach offers several high-class resorts and hotels and also a golf course, making it a playground for the rich and wealthy. You will instantly see why the beach is so popular; soft white sand with a scenic row of palm trees and the sea itself has both light and deeper blue tones. There are also good restaurants and bars; just a short walk away. However, if you are planning to swim, beware that the sea here gets deeper than in other bays.

Kamala Beach

Source: Thavorn Beach Village Resort

Kamala Beach lies just north of bustling Patong Beach and is totally opposite to its lively neighbor. The beach has calm, shallow waters, making it perfect for families wanting to spend time on the beach, and the beach is also huge so, you won’t feel it very crowded. There is a fishing village nearby offering a sense of authenticity. The beach is extremely quiet in the low season, and during high season, there will be few water activities available. Still, it is one of the most peaceful and relaxing beach on the island.

Karon Beach

Source: Pinterest

Karon Beach, a favorite of many Phuket’s visitors, is not as popular as Patong, but still offers many things to do other than just sunbathing. The beach offers one of the best snorkeling on the island, and you can also rent jet skis on the beach if you prefer a more high-octane activity. The sand of this beach might not be as soft as other nearby; however, the length of the beach pretty much makes up for it. During the rainy season, the waves can get pretty wild, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun then.

Laem Singh Beach

Source: Pinterest

Laem Singh Beach is the one for those looking for a perfect tropical paradise. The beach contains dense, verdant forest, large rock boulders, and stature, making it picture-perfect. However, the beach has gained huge popularity in recent years. Still, it is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island where you can simply chill out and relax.

Patong Beach

Source: Booking.com 

Patong beach is the most famous one in Phuket; however, it is not the most scenic and certainly not the quietest of Phuket; it offers more activities than any other beach. the beach is very famous for its nightlife. In the daytime, the beach will be full of tourists renting jet skis, riding banana boats, and drinking on the beach, and during the night, the beach turns to party time.

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