10 Adventurous Rafting Tours in Nepal

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10 Adventurous Rafting Tours in Nepal
5 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Adventurous Rafting Tours in Nepal

Usually, what others know about adventures in Nepal is Mt. Everest and trekking in the Himalayas. But have you ever thought about what kind of rafting experiences you can get from Nepal? With the estimated number of about 6000 rivers, there are certainly some rivers where you will get the very best thrilling and adventurous rafting experiences.

And, your journey will also be packed with natural scenery and mountain views. So, if you are planning to experience rafting in Nepal, here are the 10 best rafting tours in Nepal.   

1. Lower Seti River Rafting Tour

Source:Friend Adventure team

The lower Seti River is one of the best destinations in Nepal to enjoy rafting for a short time. If you are a newbie in rafting or you are with a family and want an easy and quick rafting experience, the warm water of lower Seti takes you through easy rapids and beautiful forests.

Besides that, you can also get a glimpse of regions rich and diverse wildlife. Are you a bird lover? If you are, this rafting will be more exciting for you with the sighting of vultures, eagles, and kingfishers, which are common in the region. 

The best time to raft I Lower Seti is from September to November and May to June.

2. Kali Gandaki River Rafting Tour

Source: Nepal Trekking Company

If you are looking for a rafting experience that is more than a day but not that long and challenging, Kali Gandaki is the place for you. The rafting journey is filled with a gorgeous view of the deep river and stunning scenery of forests.

Regardless of whether you are an adventure seeker or want a calm experience, you will be mesmerized with its beauty and enjoy it, as it is packed with rapid rivers, calm waters, and remote villages. During your overnight camps, you can explore the wildlife and marvelous waterfalls, which will make it even more exciting.

For the best rafting memory, September to November and April to June is the best time to raft in Kali Gandaki River.

3. Upper Seti River Rafting Tour

Source: Steps by steps treks and Adventure

Looking for adventurous rafting with quick adrenaline rush; try out Upper Set Rafting tour. Unlike lower Set, it let you enjoy rafting continuously for than 40 minutes. Besides that, the thing that makes it so exceptional is that it offers the same amount of rapids as the Kali Gandaki but takes only 40 minutes while you need three days for kali Gandaki.

So, if you are thriller seeker and adventurous, you will surely love the landslide rapids and natural beauty along the journey. Be aware of high levels of water.

The best time to raft in the Upper Seti River is from September to June.

4. Karnali River Rafting Tour

Source: Mountain Guide treks

The river rafting in the Karani River Rafting is the one that demands quick padding. Given the condition that a dam could be made in Karnali River for hydroelectricity, it’s now or never for rafting in Karnali. And, of course, you don’t want to miss one of Nepal’s greatest river rafting adventure comprising up to class IV rapids.

The first four days of your rafting will be the best and most adventurous as you will encounter numerous rapids. Then, the water levels out, and you will be able to experience easy float trips, which will be perfect for you to check out freshwater dolphins that live in Karnali River.

The best time to raft in Karnali River is from October to November and April to June. 

5. Sun Koshi River Rafting Tour

Source:  Mountain Delights treks

Regarded as one of the top 10 river rafting adventure in the world by Nat Geo, Sun Koshi is a must-do for any adventure seeker. Sun Koshi starts from the highest peaks in the world, which allows you to experience the marvelous view of the Himalayas before it joins the Ganges on the plains.

Besides that, the rafting tour is filled with class III-IV rapids, and final calm gloat trips that take you through lush forest with chattering monkeys. Keeping the rafting experience aside, you can also check out stunning local villages or visit remote temples.

For the best thrilling adventure, September to November and May to June is the best time to raft through Sun Koshi River.

6. Marshyangdi River Rafting Tour

Source: Asahi treks and Expenditions

Despite being a new destination for rafting in Nepal, Marshyangdi has become extremely popular all over the world due to the number of challenges and rapids it lets rafters to go through. It offers you both wild and adventurous experience through its raging river with ferocious water.

Adding to daring adventure is the stunning beauty of the lush forest and majestic mountains, which will make the rafting experience one of the best adventures of your life. The view might not be the same as enjoying the real beauty from Everest Base Camp, but this might be you first if you are a real adrenaline junkie.

The best time to raft through the water of Marshyangdi is from September to November and May to June.

7. Tamur River Rafting Tour

Source: Exciting Nepal

If you are a pro rafter and want some hard-core rafting experience, the roaring water of Tamur River is the best for you. It flows through an unspoiled gorge, which is visited by very few people, and it also allows you to get a glimpse of remote villages. 

The journey comprises of a Himalayan trek with a wild white water rafting adventure and majestic views of Mt. Everest, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga. Besides that, your rafting routes will throw continuous waves of class IV rapids at you. Furthermore, camping by stunning Gufal Pokhari Lake is one of the best experiences on tour.

The best time to raft in Tamur River is from October to November and April to May.

8. Trishuli River Rafting Tour

Source: Himalayan Exodus

If you are in a tight schedule and yet you want to enjoy the very best of what the river rafting tours in Nepal have to offer, Trisuli might be your best shot in experiencing that. Packed with a lot of fun and is incredibly safe, it hasn’t lost its adventurous charm.

The journey is filled with all kinds of adventure, like cliff jumps and swimming. Besides that, it is also suitable for all ages and rafters of all skill levels. More importantly, you can also take the tour as an alternative route for traveling from Pokhara to Kathmandu. How about that? Both adventure and less expense at the same time.

The best time to raft along the waters of Trishuli is from January to December (round the year).

9. Bheri Rafting Tour


Source: With Green Valley Nepal treks

Looking for water where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and have some adventure as well? Bheri River is waiting for you. Combined with stunning scenery of nature to marvelous white water rafting, the water of Bheri will give you both thrills and frills of nature.

The journey is filled with a lot of fishing adventures and the lush jungle where you can get a hint of wildlife. Besides that, you will also pass through various local remote villages. Likewise, camping under the sparkling stars is one of the best experience you will get.

The best time to raft in Bheri is from January to December (all year round).

10. Bhote Koshi River Rafting Tour

Source: Mission Eco Treks

The roaring river of Bhote Khoshi, formed by the glacial water from Shisa Pangama in Tibet, offers one of the best and wildest rafting experiences in Nepal. And, it doesn’t take a lot of your time to provide you with the adventure you’ve been looking for.

Despite having rapids from class III to IV, rafting in Bhote Koshi is ideal for both newbies as well as expert rafters. The journey is fun all around and throws numerous difficult and challenging waves, but it won’t be uncomfortable. Besides that, you will be blessed with stunning local villages, lush fields, terraced lands, and stunning waterfalls along the way.

The best time to raft through Bhote Koshi is from January to December (round the year).

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