Travel and Volunteer at the Same Time

If you want to do some volunteering work at the same time while you travel to various places in Nepal, Voluntourism is the best option for you. More than just volunteering and sightseeing, Volunteering in Nepal is one of the best opportunities to experience local culture and lifestyle of the rural areas. It does not require any prior skills. You will just be sharing the knowledge and skills that you already have. It helps you in experiencing the first-hand culture, and you can also enjoy the proud moment of sharing your knowledge with others. It is a simple help that changes the lives of many people, including your own. The voluntary program includes teaching in a small school, help in construction, working in health posts, and some other simple works.

Living with local families and sharing their daily lives, you can become a part of the community. Besides these, you will also have some days to refresh yourself. For that, you can either go for trekking, rafting, sight-seeing or jungle safari.    


Popular Packages for Voluntourism