Religious and Spiritual Tours

Heal yourself Spiritually and Take Positive Thoughts Visiting Religious Spots

Home to a large number of temples and holy religious places, Nepal is one of the best destinations for religious and spiritual tours. Even its capital, Kathmandu, is called the “city of temples” because of the large number of temples. The religious and spiritual tours in Nepal fill you with happiness and positive vibes. Taking your step towards ancient temples and monasteries offers you the opportunity of experiencing traditional rituals from the past. There are also many stories and beliefs about religious temples and stupas.

One of the most famous Hindu temples is Pashupatinath. It is believed that if one needs to visit the temple at least once in a lifetime. S similarly, Swayambhunath temple (monkey temple) is another famous temple, especially for Buddhists. Furthermore, the birthplace of Lord Buddha is another holy place in Nepal. In some other places like Janaki temple, Boudhanath stupa provides a high degree of spiritual vibes. If you are lucky enough, you will get a chance to light the butter lamp in monasteries.

You can be a part of the religious and spiritual tour in Nepal, explore the mysterious and holy places and experience the religious diversity and spend some quality time within nature while allowing your body to heal spiritually.

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