Nature and Wildlife Tours

Experience the Untamed Wildlife and Nature of Nepal

If you want to get closer to nature, Nature and wildlife tours in Nepal are suitable for you to explore endangered animals and birds which are protected in their habitat. Since there are a lot of National parks and conservation areas in Nepal for the protection of flora and fauna, wildlife tours in Nepal are pretty impressive. But, the Chitwan wildlife tour provides unparalleled experiences blending within wildlife in their habitat, both land and water wildlife. It offers unbeatable wildlife activities among the Asian sub-continent. Taking jeep ride deep into the forest provides the opportunity of finding deer, one-horned rhinos, and even royal Bengal tiger if we are lucky. And, canoe ride in the river provides a glimpse of aquatic life, including Mugger Crocodile and freshwater dolphins.

Besides Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park is also a famous wildlife tour as it is considered the best tiger habitat in the country because of its grassland and woodland. It offers a more forest adventure with a variety of wildlife, exotic birds, and nature. 

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