Honeymoon Tours

Leave Footprints and Make Memories with your Partner  

Suitable for newlyweds, Nepal is one of the best destinations for couples to enjoy their honeymoon with nature. Offering you the chance of exploring the majestic mountains, lakes, beautiful valleys, and even in the forests, Nepal provides you unforgettable experiences so that you can remember the beautiful moments of your long-awaited honeymoon. Usually, Nepal is all about mountains and culture, but in reality, honeymoon tours in Nepal has to offer a lot more than that. From vibrant city life to quiet and calm countryside, exotic adventurous to smooth boating and delicious local dinner, it will melt your heart, and you will want to revisit Nepal.

Take your partner to jungle safari to experience close up view of wildlife or go for a romantic dinner in the lap of the mountain with its panoramic view, you will love it all. Besides all these, on your honeymoon tour in Nepal, you will enjoy the sunset and sunrise view along with the sparkling snow-capped mountains. The unique landscapes of Nepal are something that shouldn’t be ignored. Friendly and humble people will make your Nepal honeymoon tour even more memorable.

Popular Packages for Honeymoon Tours