Day Tours

Experience the Adventure of your Choice in a Single Day

If you think that you cannot experience the best of what Nepal has to offer in a single day, you might be on the wrong side here. From getting a clear view of Mt. Everest to unique trekking experiences, Day tours in Nepal offers the opportunity of creating an unforgettable memory. Besides these, you can also go for the Kathmandu Day Tour, which takes you to the cultural and historical monuments of the valley. Similarly, relaxed and calm sports like a short hike to the lush forest and easy hills, boating in smooth water, are also good ways to spend a day tour in Nepal. Extreme thrilling adventures like bungee jumping, river rafting, and mountain biking and zip-lining are for those travelers who wish to spend even a single day with beautiful experiences.

Furthermore, Day tours in Nepal also offer you the opportunity of relaxing the mind and body. The mesmerizing view of the sunrise and sunset from the Himalayas, pleasing time in lakeside of Pokhara, or enjoying within the nature with wildlife in Chitwan will imprint an experience you will not forget. Day tours in Nepal offer you the opportunity of experiencing rich culture and tradition, historical monuments, and bustling night-life in a single day.


Popular Packages for Day Tours